Beauty Petal

The Issue

In our developed world, we are often surrounded by unpleasant and sometimes even inhumane physical environments. If we do not care for the built environments in which we personally live and work, we are less likely to extend care for our farms, forests, and fields. When we accept skyscrapers, parking garages, freeways, and shopping malls as being aesthetically acceptable, we often also turn a blind eye to clear-cuts, factory farms, strip mines and other assaults on the beauty of our natural world.

Beauty Petal Intent

The Beauty Petal is intended to acknowledge beauty as an essential ingredient in motivating humans to preserve, conserve, and serve the greater good. The Beauty Petal asks us to be more mindful of our spaces and create them with intention, care, and style.

Sustainability in Action at Hillside Gateway & Parkside North

Hillside Gateway and Parkside North were designed to be aesthetically pleasing, inspirational spaces for students, employees, and visitors to unwind and feel connected with the outdoor environment. At Hillside Gateway, multiple art installations were incorporated for human delight and the celebration of culture, spirit, and place. The art piece on display in the Hillside Gateway communal room exemplifies the intentions of both the Materials and Beauty Petals. An example of material reuse, the art piece is constructed out of the mailboxes from the previous Commons building, and the whimsical design is meant to spark joy and appreciation for the history of this place.

Both Hillside Gateway and Parkside North were designed to optimize natural lighting. Walls made from glass and translucent partitions at Hillside Gateway, and the prominent glass-enclosed central stairway at Parkside North, contribute to the illumination of the interior spaces. The window walls also help create a connectedness with the outdoor landscaping and in most cases, provide building occupants with access to fresh air.