Students Learn About the Most Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Climate Change

Published October 8, 2019

  Conversations revolving around climate change and the degradation of our environment can sometimes paint an unpleasant, and negative picture of our future. According to Paul Hawken, editor of Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, this future can actually be bright and more importantly, is within our power to change.


draw down workshop attendees doing group work
Drawdown highlights and identifies a comprehensive list of over 100 solutions created by researchers, professionals and scientists that will help reverse climate change. The solutions, ranging from clean energy to educating women and girls, all have major economic, environmental, and societal impacts that make this list of strategies, the “most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” 

Hawken’s book became the foundation for the Drawdown Initiative workshops that are offered all over the world and are designed to guide and empower individuals who are finding their own unique contribution to reversing global warming. One of the key goals of the workshops is to communicate the idea that the solutions are possible and all around us. 


On Wednesday, September 11, students, faculty, university staff and community environmental leaders gathered at CSULB for a solutions-oriented climate action workshop hosted by the Pachamama Alliance, a global community that works towards creating a sustainable community for all.

Students, faculty and staff attending drawdown workshop

Hawken partnered with Pachamama Alliance to create these workshops with the goal of facilitating conversations about the solutions and giving people around the world the tools needed to bring forth the solutions presented in the book to life. 


The 2 ½ hour workshop introduced the campus community to some of the 100 “drawdown” solutions presented in Hawken’s book. This introductory workshop is meant as a lead-in to a more in-depth, 5-session course.


Dedicated to raising awareness of social and environmental justice with Pachamama Alliance, business consultant  Anna Gallman and UC Berkeley professor Dr. Vern Tuck Taylorencouraged attendees to reflect on their role in life, social justice, and spiritual connection.

"The Drawdown Initiative was an inspiring workshop that gave me a new perspective on the state of our environment,” said Amanda Nazareno, 4th year Graphic Design major.

Gallman and Dr. Taylor discussed the challenges facing humanity and inspired individuals to see new opportunities to make a difference. Gallman herself went through this process of participating in both the introductory and intense workshops. Now, she helps a renewable energy company to expand its impact of renewable energy into residential and commercial levels.


Since 2009, Gallman has dedicated her free time to raising awareness on environmental and social justice, locking arms and heart with Pachamama Alliance. She has facilitated educational workshops throughout  Southern California and Mexico.


Gallman and Dr. Taylor are far from alone in their pursuit of educating youth on climate change solutions. Hundreds of facilitators in the U.S. and thousands across the world are working with educational institutions and communities to empower people to learn about and use the drawdown “tool-kit”.

 “It is absolutely fulfilling to see young people stand up and do what it takes to create the pathway for effective change,” said Gallman. 

Students reacted positively to the workshop and a majority of them expressed interest in completing the intensive program or becoming facilitators themselves. 


With more facilitators like Gallman and Dr. Taylor out there empowering individuals to challenge climate change and see opportunities to reverse it, the number of change-makers in the world is growing exponentially. As our community grows, the 100 drawdown solutions and a positive, prosperous future seem more and more within our reach each day.



There are many other ways YOU can get involved:


  • Vote for individuals who support policies that protect our natural environment.

  • Remember to register to vote for the upcoming 2020 elections

  • Volunteer and engage with organizations that work to make positive environmental and social changes.

  • Spread the knowledge by talking to your peers and family about climate change and encouraging them to make lifestyle changes that would help them lower their carbon footprint. Click here for a list of sustainable lifestyle tips

  • Write letters to your representatives. Tell them if they did something you like or don’t like.

  • Reserve the Drawdown book at the CSULB Library 

  • Check out Pachamama Alliance for upcoming webinars and workshops

Take the first step to becoming a Drawdown Initiative workshop facilitator with Pachamama Alliance by visiting their site or emailing Anna Gallman at