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CSU Earth Month Eco-Challenge

Published March 29, 2021

Want to challenge yourself to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and enter for a chance win a $25 campus bookstore gift card? Do you want to help crown CSU Long Beach this year's "CSU Earth Month Eco Challenge Winner?"

Starting April 1st,  join the CSU Earth Month Eco Challenge to see how 30 days of action can add up to a lifetime of positive change for your campus community and the planet! 

Earth Month Ecochallenge is an online educational platform that challenges you to take action on a variety of environmental and social issues to help you reduce your carbon footprint and create significant global change during the month of April. There over 100 actions in eight action categories to choose from with a range of difficulty and frequency levels. Throughout the event, Ecochallengers share their progress and reflect in the social feed, earn points for taking action, and watch the impact they make add up in realtime!

How to Join the CSU Long Beach Eco Challenge

Getting Started

STEP 1: Click on the referral link to join the "CSU Long Beach Eco Challenge" team

STEP 2: Create an account using your email address

STEP 3: Watch this short "Getting Started" video to learn how YOU can earn points

STEP 4: Invite others to join the CSULB team or skip to the dashboard to begin choosing your actions

Tips for Participating

During Eco Challenge 

  • Select your actions that you can commit to throughout the challenge. There are plenty of actions to choose from, so find the actions that match your values, lifestyle, and passions. 
  • Prepare for your actions. Have actions that require some prep? Take the time you need to prepare for success with your actions. Committing to vegetarian meals? Look up recipes and ingredients you'll need!
  • Complete your actions. Fulfill your actions, and check them off to collect your points. Simply log into your Dashboard, find the actions you've selected, and click on the circular button. Now you've collected your points! 
  • Share your story. Inspire your team members and co-Ecochallengers! Share your Ecochallenge journey on our Team feed or by using #CSUecochallenge hashtag on your social media posts of your actions. Observations, inspirations, lessons learned - all are welcome! 

Action Categories:




Campus Prizes

  • CSULB Eco Challenge 2021 Trophy (and bragging rights!)
  • Custom CSULB branded recycling bins from CleanRiver Recycling

Individual Prizes

  • $25 gift card to 49er Shop Bookstore (awarded to the top 20 highest point earners across the CSU)
  • CSULB Sustainability swag bag (awarded to top 3 highest point earners at CSULB)



What is the Earth Month Eco Challenge?

Earth Month Ecochallenge: Drawdown is a solutions-oriented engagement program focused on individuals taking action to reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The actions in this Ecochallenge connect to global solutions highlighted by Project Drawdown, a research-based organization that is leading the efforts to map, measure, model, and describe existing, amazing solutions to climate change.

Earth Month Ecochallenge is an engagement opportunity for sustainability leaders across business and education institutions to create teams, assign custom actions for team members to take, engage with their team throughout the Ecochallenge, and lead their team to create substantial positive impact. Every team member, including the captain, can select actions, check off their completed actions, track and share their individual progress, earn points for taking action, and see the real-time impact of their actions in a robust online platform. The combination of collective action, camaraderie, and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun.

Earth Month Ecochallenge provides tools and inspiration to turn intention into action, and gives participants a fun and social way to think about and act on proven solutions to reverse climate change. Over 100 actions within eight challenge categories provide participants with diverse options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What is Project Drawdown?

Project Drawdown is a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders, and activists who have come together to map, measure, and model the best available solutions that can cumulatively reverse global warming within the next 30 years. Click here to explore all the solutions

How do I join the CSU Long Beach team? 

There are two ways to join the CSU Long Beach team: (1) By clicking on the direct referral link or (2) By following the instructions below. 

  1. Go to
  2. Log into EcoChallenge account using your CSU email address (i.e. If it's your first time visiting Eco Challenge, you will create your account here.  
  4. Click on the “JOIN” tab in the top right corner.
  5. Click on “JOIN AN EXISTING TEAM” to search for your team by name
  6. Type “CSU Long Beach” into the search bar
  7. Click "JOIN" and start earning points for your team!

How do I invite others to join? 

Spread awareness to your friends and classmates by inviting them to join the CSU Long Beach team!

  1. Click on the “people” tab in the right corner of the challenge home screen and then click on “participants.
  2. Scroll down until you see “Invite Teammates” on the left sidebar.
  3. Now you can copy your referral link or use the direct messaging box.

How do I earn points?

There are many ways to earn points for your team throughout this challenge.

  1. On your dashboard, click on “manage actions” on the left sidebar.
  2. From here you can browse the categories you want to participate in. Each category has multiple actions you can take to earn points.
  3. You can filter the options to adjust the difficulty and frequency by hitting "show/hide action filters".
  4. To learn more about the action solution, select "learn more"
  5. To select a daily or one-time action that you plan to do for the challenge click “select”. Then fill out the estimated amount you will contribute. For example, if you are completing the “reduce animal products’ action, fill in the estimated number of vegan, or meatless, meals you will eat each day of the challenge. 
  6. If you have already completed an action or already do it daily, hit “I already did/do this.
  7. All of your selected and completed actions will show up on your dashboard. For one-time actions you only need to mark them as complete once, for daily actions you will need to come back to your dashboard to mark them as complete daily.
  8. To gain bonus points, you can complete a reflection question about the action you completed by selecting "reflection question" at the bottom of the action card.

How many points can I earn per action?

Here’s how you can earn points leading up to and during the challenge:

Joining a Team 5 Welcome to the Challenge! Joining an existing team will earn you 5 points.  
Create Your Own Team 15 Take the lead! Team Captains receive 15 points when they create a new Team.  
Post a Profile Picture 15 Personalize your profile and share your game face with other participants! Add a profile picture to receive 15 points.  
Add a Profile Banner Image 5 Add a special touch to your profile and earn some points! Add a banner image to receive 5 points.  
Add a Mission Statement 5 Share your story! What are you passionate about? Why are you participating in the EcoChallenge? Add a mission statement to receive 5 points.  
Check in on Current Day 25 Stay on track! You'll receive 25 bonus points for reporting your progress on the day you complete the action.  
Complete One Daily Action 5 Log your success and add to our collective impact! You’ll receive 5 points for every day that you tell us you completed at least one daily action.  
Complete More Than One Daily Action 5 Get rewarded for your extra effort! you’ll receive 5 points for every day that you tell us you completed more than one daily action.  
Complete an EcoLearner One-Time Action 5 Check one off the list! Complete an EcoLearner one-time action and you'll earn 5 points.  
Complete an EcoPro One-Time Action 10 Take a bigger step! Complete an EcoPro one-time action and you'll earn 10 points.  
Complete an EcoLeader One-Time Action 15 Reach new heights! Complete an EcoLeader one-time action and you'll earn 15 points.  
Post to Your Feed 5 Celebrate your success and inspire other participants! You’ll receive 5 points for posting to your feed each day. You’re welcome to post as many times per day as you wish, but you’ll only receive 5 points per day for posting.  
Answer a Reflection Question 15 Take some time to reflect on your actions and the impacts they make. You'll receive 15 points for each reflection you post to your feed.  
Recruit a New Team 10 Help us engage new people to take action! Teams are key to our success. You'll receive 10 points for inviting a new team to participate in the Challenge.  
Recruit Participants 5 Engage your friends, family, coworkers and community in the Challenge! You'll receive 5 points for every person you invite who joins an existing team.  
Recruit Teammates 5 Help your team grow to new heights, and win competitions! You'll receive 5 points for every person you invite who joins your team.  
Invite Another Team Captain to Your Team 5 Share the lead with teammates! You will receive 5 points for each additional captain who joins you. Team captain limit is 3 per team.  
Donate $%{amount} to 5 Share some love! As a nonprofit we rely on the generous support of individuals like you. Make a donation to and you’ll receive 5 points for every dollar contributed up to 500 points. Thank you for your support -- we’ll put it to good use!  
Credit Someone for a Referral 1 Say thanks - and earn some points! You'll receive a 1-point bonus during registration for crediting the person who referred you to the Challenge.  
Complete Actions Assessment (points per action marked) 1 Get some extra points for sharing what you're already doing to help the planet! You'll receive a 1-point bonus for every action you mark as something that you already do (e.g. brushing your teeth without running water). Of course, we value your honesty!

Do I need to verify my selected action to gain the points?

In short, no you do not have to “verify” or provide “evidence” of your action. Some selected actions will ask for a specific amount you are contributing. For example if you selected that you would drive less today, then it would ask for how many miles you are choosing not to drive. It is fine to give a rough estimate for this answer.

Are the reflection questions necessary?

No they are not, but they do give you extra points if you complete them!

Where can I see my group's progress

You can access your team's progress through a button on the left hand side bar. There you can see a section labeled “total team points”. Once clicked on the “total team points section”, there you will have access to all the teams progress.

Ecochallenge has already started - is it too late to sign up?

Registration remains open until the end date of the challenge (April 30).

Is there a limit to the number of actions I can take on?

Yes, the maximum number of actions participants can select during Drawdown Ecochallenge is 20: 15 One-time Actions and 5 Daily Actions. Behavior change best practices show that focusing on a smaller number of behaviors during a challenge period increases that chances that these behaviors will stick in the long term.

What’s the best way to be successful with my Ecochallenge?

Make sure you plan ahead to be prepared to meet your goals. Setting realistic goals (i.e., selecting a realistic number of actions), and sharing your experience with others through the social feed are great ways to stay engaged and motivated. Also, be sure to check out the team and event impact pages to see how your efforts are contributing to significant collective impact. Finally, it's okay if you do not meet your own expectations – there’s no such thing as a “perfect” score in the event. Ecochallenge is provided to help you learn about and change behaviors you’re interested in – not to judge the quality of your efforts. Have fun!

I’m having trouble logging in. how should I troubleshoot?

If you’ve successfully registered for the event, and are having trouble, first make sure you’re using the correct email address to log in. If you’re using the correct email address and are unable to gain access, next try resetting your password. If after following those steps you’re still unable to login, please contact Ecochallenge Support.