CSU Earth Month Eco-Challenge

Published March 30, 2021

Want to challenge yourself to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and enter for a chance win a $25 campus bookstore gift card? Do you want to help crown CSU Long Beach this year's "CSU Earth Month Eco Challenge Winner?"

Starting April 1st,  join the CSU Earth Month Eco Challenge to see how 30 days of action can add up to a lifetime of positive change for your campus community and the planet! 

Earth Month Ecochallenge is an online educational platform that challenges you to take action on a variety of environmental and social issues to help you reduce your carbon footprint and create significant global change during the month of April. There over 100 actions in eight action categories to choose from with a range of difficulty and frequency levels. Throughout the event, Ecochallengers share their progress and reflect in the social feed, earn points for taking action, and watch the impact they make add up in realtime!

How to Join the CSU Long Beach Eco Challenge

Getting Started

STEP 1: Click on the referral link to join the "CSU Long Beach Eco Challenge" team

STEP 2: Create an account using your csulb.edu email address

STEP 3: Watch this short "Getting Started" video to learn how YOU can earn points

STEP 4: Invite others to join the CSULB team or skip to the dashboard to begin choosing your actions

Tips for Participating

During Eco Challenge 

  • Select your actions that you can commit to throughout the challenge. There are plenty of actions to choose from, so find the actions that match your values, lifestyle, and passions. 
  • Prepare for your actions. Have actions that require some prep? Take the time you need to prepare for success with your actions. Committing to vegetarian meals? Look up recipes and ingredients you'll need!
  • Complete your actions. Fulfill your actions, and check them off to collect your points. Simply log into your Dashboard, find the actions you've selected, and click on the circular button. Now you've collected your points! 
  • Share your story. Inspire your team members and co-Ecochallengers! Share your Ecochallenge journey on our Team feed or by using #CSUecochallenge hashtag on your social media posts of your actions. Observations, inspirations, lessons learned - all are welcome! 

Action Categories:




Campus Prizes

  • CSULB Eco Challenge 2021 Trophy (and bragging rights!)
  • Custom CSULB branded recycling bins from CleanRiver Recycling

Individual Prizes

  • $25 gift card to 49er Shop Bookstore (awarded to the top 20 highest point earners across the CSU)
  • CSULB Sustainability swag bag (awarded to top 3 highest point earners at CSULB)