Preparing for Housing & Residential Life at CSULB

Moving into a new community is exciting and also can be a little nerve-racking.  This page is to help your transition with living on campus go as smooth as possible.  Make sure to check your CSULB email frequently so you don’t miss important emails.  We frequently email updates to your CSULB email, such as information about your account, general housing updates and upcoming events.


Move-in day is building specific. Students will have the opportunity & need to sign up through the housing portal for specific check in window. Check future emails regarding move in day.

Friday 8/18 -  8:30am -11:30am

Thematic Community move in 

Building / Community Parking Lot
Hillside: B G2 
Hillside: I House  G1
Hillside: Los Cerritos G1,R1,G3
Parkside: H R2 & G7
Parkside: M G8
Pacific 3rd Floor    Beachside lot

Friday, 8/18 1:00pm-4:00pm

Building/Community Parking Lot
Hillside: F G4
Hillside: Los Alamitos 3rd floor G4,R1,G3
Parkside North: 1st floor & 3rd floor     G8
Parkside: K G7
Beachside: Atlantic 1st floor   Beachside lot
Beachside: Pacific 1st floor   Beachside lot

Saturday, 8/19 - 8:30am-4:00pm

Building/Community Parking Lot
Hillside: A, D G2
Hillside: C G1
Hillside:  E G2 & G4
Hillside: Los Alamitos 1st floor & 2nd floor G4, R1, G3
Parkside: G R2 & G7
Parkside: J, L G7
Parkside: N, P, Q G8
Parkside North: 2nd floor and 4th floor G8
Atlantic: 2nd floor & 3rd floor Beachside lot
Pacific: 2nd floor Beachside lot


Checking in on August 18-19 

  • Arrive during the move-in appointment time (that you signed up for on your housing portal).  
  • Park in general parking; leave your belongings in the car. 
  • Go directly to your building’s common area* to check in & get your room key. (You will be greeted by your Residential Assistant (RA) and directed to your room.)  
  • Unload your vehicle & take your items to your room.  
  • (Once unloaded, please move your vehicles away from the building so that others can be closer while they unload!)  

*Note: If you have been approved for an early arrival, late arrival, or arriving at a time outside of your building’s check-in time, you will check in at the Service Center for your village.  


Housing and Residential Life will pick up all housing student ID cards to be issued to the student during check in.  You must get your photo taken during SOAR or submit via the online portal for your campus ID cards.  If you have a card currently, please bring with you during check in to swap out the old with the new card.  ID cards are used for meal service and room access. 


Rooms come in many different layouts and furniture comes in many different styles depending on the village, building, and location of room. While room sizes may differ, most rooms are approximately 15' x 11'.  Don't fret, you will be able to view and choose a room layout during the room selection process. 


Per Person Furniture:

  • XL Twin bed + mattress (80"x34")
  • Dresser
  • Desk
  • Chair

Per Room:

  • Microfidge (microwave, refrigerator, freezer combo)
  • Wastebasket
  • Recycle bin

Utilities and novelties included:

  • Internet -Wi-Fi 
  • LIVE TV (
  • Electricity, gas, water
  • Toilet paper

Village Amenities  

  • Laundry – Each community has laundry facilities. Payment is made with the WASH app.  

  • Housekeeping – Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their individual spaces (residence hall rooms, suite bedrooms). All interior and exterior public areas (restrooms in suites and residence halls, hallways, lobbies, etc.) are maintained by a custodial staff.  

  • Maintenance - University Housing Facilities Maintenance Staff repair public areas of buildings and within individual resident rooms. Damages or non-working items in your room can be resolved and corrected by a maintenance request available at the Residential Life Portal website.  

  • View FAQs about living on campus here.  


Check out our packing list (PDF) for ideas.  Included on the packing list are reminders of what not to bring. Those items include: electric scooters, electric bikes, electric skateboards, air conditioners, space heaters, weapons, microwave, refrigerator, most appliances, & tapestries or wall hangings.


  • Room space allotment are shared between each resident.
  • Furniture cannot be removed. 
  • We encourage you to make the Beach your home, and that includes decorating your space! However, do not insert any items into the walls or ceilings of your room (hooks, nails, etc.) – you may hang posters and décor with blue painters’ tape or washi tape. Please refer to the Resident Handbook for the policies regarding decorations and posting. 
  • Be sure to write down serial numbers for all electronic devices that you bring to campus.  Safes are available for rental through Collegiate Concepts, Inc.
  • Bicycle registration will be available on Move In Days through University Police Department. A U-lock is strongly recommended.  
  • The University is not liable for damaged or missing items and strongly recommends renter's insurance. 


  • Sheet size=   80" x 34" Twin XL
  • We provide live tv service through the streaming provider Streeme Tv.  Software players can be downloaded from Google Play, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple.  To view and setup supported devices visit Streeme TV support page.
  • If brining a tv, we recommend the sizes of 24" - 32" but in reality its really between you and your roommate.  



We look forward to meeting you.

If you have any questions.  You can always email us at or call us at 562-985-4187