Recent NCSEC Publications

Published May 9, 2023

When the COVID pandemic had put a hold on our in-person professional development offerings, we turned our efforts to providing online PD and to writing! In the past few years, we have written several articles; here is a brief sampling of our work from Early Childhood Exchange, Science and Children, and Teaching Young Children.

Branching Out: Exploring Math Concepts with Trees


By William Straits and Lauren M. Shea.

This article describes how an "Adopt-a-Tree" unit with pre-K children, led to amazing opportunities for exploring math concepts. While the focus of our unit was to enhance children's wonder of and stewardship for the natural world, children also explored concepts related to size, shape, quantity, and much more. Several tree-related, math activities are described.


Finding Outstanding Science Trade Books


By William Straits.

This article describes an important resource for finding quality, science-related children’s literature – NSTA's Outstanding Science Trade Books list. Summaries of two children's books from the list, along with an early childhood science activity for each book, are provided.


How Our Bodies Move: Exploring Bones and Joints


By William Straits and Lori Walsh.

From our collaboration with pre-K teachers at Konawaena Elementary on the Big Island of Hawaii, this article presents a series of science experiences that help children to learn about their bones and joints and how our bodies move.