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CA Science Education Conference Credit

Optional 1 Unit of Credit

CSU Long Beach offers conference attendees an opportunity to earn a unit of upper division science education credit in conjunction with the California Science Education (CASE) Conference. Additional details will be posted as the next conference approaches.

The following information was for the 2020 conference, and is posted here to give you an idea of what you may expect.

2020 Case Conference

The cost for the unit of credit is $99.00. Registration materials, and course assignments must be submitted to Dr. Laura Henriques at CSULB by December 4, 2020. Please read carefully and be sure to submit all required items and assignments.

For questions regarding this CASE-CSULB credit please contact the department.

SCED 490A Selected Topics in Science Education

Attendance in at least 15 hours of sessions across any content area is required. Attendance at the 15 hours can be completed during the Virtual Conference sessions or during the 30 days after the conference while archived sessions are posted.

You must verify conference attendance by sending a copy of your conference badge or registration confirmation. You must verify participation in the 15 hours of conference sessions via your Certificate of Attendance.

A written assignment is required for this option. Course registration and payment is required.

Course Registration

CASE Credit Registration Form - SCED 490A (PDF)

Grades should be available at the beginning of January 2021.


California State University, Long Beach is pleased to offer options for one or two units upper division unit of credit to conference attendees who complete the following requirements:

  1. Must be an officially registered conference attendee (must provide a copy of your CASE Conference Badge/official registration)
  2. Must attend conference sessions totaling at least fifteen documented hours (see above for eligible sessions)
  3. Submit a copy of your CASE Conference Certificate of Attendance (verification that you attended 15 hours of sessions)
  4. Written assignment (see below)
  5. Must submit the required documentation to at California State University, Long Beach to arrive no later than December 4, 2020.
  6. Participants will be contacted after December 4 with instructions about how to complete their registration (payment of $99). Failure to make the payment during the allotted time frame will result in not being able to enroll.

Written Assignment

The following instructions detail the assignment. The template provide specific prompts and a format for how answers should be formatted.

SCED 490A Template (DOCX)

  • Write a description for each session attended (~100 words per session). Describe the session, include key science concepts or teaching strategies addressed. Be sure to include evidence of how the session aligns with NGSS (how is the lesson 3D or what did the presenters share with you that makes this an example of NGSS science teaching and learning?).
  • Describe two sessions in more detail (~500 words each). Describe how you will incorporate the strategies or content you learned into your own teaching.

Document Submission

Email the completed documents to:

Laura Henriques, Professor Science Education
California State University, Long Beach


Materials are due to CSULB by December 4, 2020. Grades will be posted by early January 2021. Instructions and information about accessing grades and ordering transcripts are found via Enrollment Services.

The grading will be traditional letter grading.