Letter from the Chair - Spring 2024

Welcome to 2024! For me, the new year brings reflection of times past and future possibilities. Twenty years ago, I found myself working through my first year here at CSULB. Things were a bit different then—there was no CANVAS or student management systems, no 'single sign-on,' no Hall of Science. But there was still a strong drive within the department to…

CSULB Students Honored with Art of Science Scholarship for 2023

Kudos to Eli Domingo, Christine Chu, Mia Miyata-Rodriguez, Victoria Tapper, and Alexis Loza as recipients of the Joe Russo Art of Science Award and Scholarship for 2023! The scholarship was established to honor Joe Russo, a graduate of CSULB's M.S. in Math Education program.

CSULB Alum Named 2023 PhysTEC Teacher of the Year

Shout-out to Shawn Kirby, the local PhysTEC Teacher of the Year! The PhysTEC Teacher of the Year program recognizes outstanding high school physics educators who demonstrate the impact and value of physics teacher preparation programs.

Science Learning Center Welcomes First Group of Local Students for 2023-2024

Fifth grade students explored the SLC, an important stop on the Long Beach College Promise Tours which provide all 5th graders in the district with an opportunity to visit campus and see themselves as a college student in the near future.

Science Education Heads to the Desert for 2023 CASE Conference

The Department will again be well-represented at the upcoming California Association of Science Educators annual conference to be held in Palm Springs, October 20-22, 2023.

NCSEC Continues International Collaboration

The National Center for Science in Early Childhood continues its collaboration with Venus Kindergarten in Beijing China, working with 24 teacher-leaders in 2023. This professional learning program helps teachers better understand how promoting a child's sense of wonder can foster early childhood science.

Students Awarded for Expressing the Art of Science

Kudos to Nicole Eng, Michael Price, and Arianna Saenz, recipients of the Joe Russo Art of Science Scholarship for 2022! The scholarship, established to honor Mr.

CSULB Physics features in the 5+ Club, again!

The collaboration between the Physics & Astronomy and Science Education departments has continued to garner success in credentialing multiple teachers in Physics in a single cohort.

Two Department Faculty Awarded 2022 California Teacher of the Year

Excellence in Science Teaching…times two! Faculty members Al Colburn and Angelica Gunderson honored as 2022 California Teacher of the Year.

Letter from the Chair - Fall 2022

Welcome back to campus! As I returned to the CSULB campus this past August, I found myself energized by the crowds of students (and staff and faculty) making their way across campus. I think the exhilaration that I felt that late summer morning was more about the idea that we had made it back, had returned to something approximating the normal routines of…

Tamara Araya Wins Local PhysTEC Teacher of the Year!

Shout-out to Tamara Araya, the local PhysTEC Teacher of the Year!

Celebrating our Award-Winning Science Education Alums!

Our Science Education alumni have been busy!