SCED 475 Enrollment

Teaching and Learning Science K-8

The following information will help you register for the SCED 475 course.

Fall and Spring Registration

SCED 475 is open for registration to students in the Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSCP).

In the fall and spring semesters, there is one section (seminar and activity) that is initially set aside for students that are student teaching during that semester and this section will be only be available by Department Consent. If you are student teaching and you need to take SCED 475 at the same time, please contact the MSCP office and make sure you are on the list to take the student teaching section of this class.

The other sections of SCED 475 are open for registration and do not require Department Consent.

Summer Registration

There is one section of SCED 475 that is offered every summer (seminar and activity). Summer enrollment for SCED 475 is completed through MYCSULB (via Single Sign-On) or through the College of Professional and International Education (CPIE). Please contact our office if you have any issues registering for this course.