Colloquium: October 2

Probing Quantum Mechanics with Silicon Electronics. Dr. Justin Perron, CSU San Marcos. 11:00am in HSCI-102.

Nights at the Observatory

Come observe the wonders of the universe! Look at stars, nebulae, planets, and the Moon through our telescopes on the HSCI rooftop.

Welcome to Fall 2023!

Welcome to the Fall 2023 semester! Here is a quick guide to help you start off strong.

CSULB Physics features in the 5+ Club, again!

The collaboration between the Physics & Astronomy and Science Education departments has continued to garner success in credentialing multiple teachers in Physics in a single cohort.

Obituary for Dr. Chi-Yu Hu published in Few-Body Systems

Chi-Yu (Sue) Hu, a well-respected colleague of the few-body-physics community, passed away on October 3, 2022. She was well known for her scientific contributions to the nuclear and atomic few-body problems. She was also known for her enthusiasm, optimism, and intense dedication to physics research.

New PREM Program Supports Materials Science Students

Michael Peterson and Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) grant was featured in the 2022 issue of Quest Magazine. Dr. Peterson and his team combine materials science research with pathway to Ph.D. programs at The Ohio State University.

Student Experiments Could Lead to More Effective Preemptive Care and Treatment for Deadly Infections in Humans

CSULB Physics students in Dr. Alex Klotz's lab use Nanopore technology to examine parasite DNA to improve diagnostic tools and treatments for deadly infections in humans.

How CSULB is Creating a More Inclusive Workforce

The APS Bridge Program at CSULB empowers students of diverse backgrounds in the rigorous fields of physics. With APS Bridge support during his master's program, Daniel Diaz went on to earn a Ph.D. in particle physics while researching at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.

Meeting a Growing Need for Physics Teachers

There is a severe shortage of qualified science and math teachers nationwide, including physics. CSULB is credentialing and providing a pathway for existing teachers to add an authorization in physics, enabling them to teach the much-needed subject area.‚Äč

Scholarships Support Women in STEM

With the support from a physics scholarship, Natalie was able to cut back on the number of hours she needed to work in order to focus on her studies, internship, and her involvement in the college community.

Alex Klotz Wins 2021 Mayfield Award

CNSM students voted this year to bestow the Mayfield Award for outstanding teaching in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to Dr. Alex Klotz.

Ask a Physicist: How Does Santa's Sleigh Fly?

Dr. Thomas Gredig and Dr. Galen Pickett discuss the physics of how Santa keeps his sleigh in flight and how he manages to get to all of the world's children in one night.