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Hall of Science builing at California State University Long Beach
All CNSM classes, with the exception of students doing research in faculty labs, will be held remotely January 20 - February 4, 2022. Please click on the heading to read the entire message.
Sankar Das Sarma
What are Majorana zero modes and why should you care? Dr. Sankar Das Sarma, University of Maryland, College Park. 11:00am via Zoom.
Come observe the wonders of the universe! Every Tuesday evening on the HSCI roof (weather permitting), starting February 9 with new health protocols in place to keep everyone safe.
Daniel Diaz
The APS Bridge Program at CSULB empowers students of diverse backgrounds in the rigorous fields of physics. With APS Bridge support during his master's program, Daniel Diaz went on to earn a Ph.D. in particle physics while researching at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.
Laura Henriques
There is a severe shortage of qualified science and math teachers nationwide, including physics. CSULB is credentialing and providing a pathway for existing teachers to add an authorization in physics, enabling them to teach the much-needed subject area.​
Natalie Cannon
With the support from a physics scholarship, Natalie was able to cut back on the number of hours she needed to work in order to focus on her studies, internship, and her involvement in the college community.