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Laura Henriques
There is a severe shortage of qualified science and math teachers nationwide, including physics. CSULB is credentialing and providing a pathway for existing teachers to add an authorization in physics, enabling them to teach the much-needed subject area.‚Äč
Natalie Cannon
With the support from a physics scholarship, Natalie was able to cut back on the number of hours she needed to work in order to focus on her studies, internship, and her involvement in the college community.
Alex Klotz
CNSM students voted this year to bestow the Mayfield Award for outstanding teaching in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to Dr. Alex Klotz.
santa's sleigh in the sky
Dr. Thomas Gredig and Dr. Galen Pickett discuss the physics of how Santa keeps his sleigh in flight and how he manages to get to all of the world's children in one night.
Daniel Diaz
Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Diaz who completed his Ph.D. at CERN in Switzerland. Daniel was part of the very first APS Bridge Program cohort and started our Master's program in Fall 2014.
Aaron Schwartz
Alumnus Aaron Schwartz has been offered full-time faculty position at Cypress Community College. Aaron follows the steps of several other CSULB Physics and Astronomy alumni who joined the faculty at various community colleges. Congratulations, Aaron!