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Electric Vehicles

Important Note: New EV charging rates will be effective July 1, 2020. Additional information is provided in the dropdown menus below.

CSULB has 44 different electric vehicle (EV) charging spaces on campus.   

These EV charging stations are located in Lot G7, E8, Pyramid Parking Structure and the Palo Verde South Parking Structure. Please view the EV Charger map [PDF] for specific information regarding EV Charger locations on campus. A valid parking permit is required at all times when charging an electric vehicle on CSULB campus.

Please review our EV Parking Regulations prior to using EV parking spaces on campus.

How to charge on campus:


University staff, faculty, and students ($0.29/kWh)

University staff, faculty active on payroll, and currently enrolled students are eligible for EV charging at the reduced rate of $0.29 per kWh with the CSULB Connection (see Step 3).

CPIE Students and Auxiliary Employees ($0.29/kWh):

CPIE students and auxiliary employees may charge electric vehicles at the reduced rate of $0.29 per kWh with the CSULB Connection (see Step 3). 

Campus Guests and Visitors ($0.40 per kWh)

Campus guests and visitors may charge their electric vehicles at the guest rate of $0.40 per kWh in addition to the required CSULB parking fees. Please visit Permit Information for the most current parking prices. This EV charging rate will apply to all other users not mentioned above including but not limited to Vendor, Volunteer, Emeriti, Chancellor's Office, other CSU employees, OLLI, LifeFit, SRWC, Club Sports, etc.


To use ChargePoint EV charging stations, users must first sign up for a ChargePoint account or call ChargePoint Customer Service at 888.758.4389. If you already have a ChargePoint account, please skip to Step 3.

  1. Creating a ChargePoint account
    1. Please visit and Sign-up (Chrome or Firefox browsers only).
    2. Download the ChargePoint App or request a ChargePoint card that can be mailed to the address provided during registration.


Please complete the following steps to establish a connection with CSULB using the CSULB Connection Code. This step only applies to university staff, faculty active on payroll, currently enrolled students, CCPE students, and auxiliary employees. All other individuals, please skip to Step 4.


Use the following steps to charge your vehicle at the ChargePoint charging stations on campus.

  1. At the charging station
    1. Tap to charge. With the ChargePoint app installed, open the app and hold your phone over the reader symbol on the station. Your payment will be received via credit card or Android/Apple Pay.
      • iPhone: In the ChargePoint app, go to Menu, select Account and then Manage Cards. Pick "set it up,” add your ChargePoint pass to Apple Wallet and tap your phone on the station to charge.
      • Android: Enable NFC, turn your phone screen on and tap your phone on the station to charge.
      • Note: To use tap to charge, you’ll need iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus running iOS 10 or newer, Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1 and 1st generation or Android 4.4 or later with NFC.
    2. Use the ChargePoint card. Tap your activated ChargePoint card on the card reader symbol on the station.
    3. Contact ChargePoint Customer Service. Call 888.758.4389 to start a charging session over the phone.
  2. Begin charging session
    1. The charging port will be released.
    2. Plug the port into your vehicle to begin charging.
    3. The ChargePoint App can now provide you with updates about your vehicle's charging status and notifications when your vehicle is fully charged.
  3. End charging session
    1. Disengage the port from your vehicle and place it back on the ChargePoint station to end your session.

Want to see how to use the ChargePoint stations? Watch the ChargePoint video

You can also check out the ChargePoint FAQ

Parking policies are reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change based on program needs. Tampering or removing a charger from another vehicle while in use is prohibited per CVC 10852 and CVC 21113(a).

For questions regarding your account, please call the ChargePoint Customer Service line at 888.758.4389. For questions regarding parking procedures and rates, please contact CSULB Sustainable Transportation at 562.985.7433 during normal business hours or email