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Employee on bicycle
In August 2020, at the height of California’s stay-at-home order, one CSULB employee sold his vehicle and leapt into a greener way of life, traveling instead by bike and bus. Chad is an employee at CSULB as well as a student in the evening MBA program. Chad made his decision knowing that he was not quitting cars cold turkey. He could sometimes use his wife’s vehicle or take Uber and Lyft as needed, but this made his transition less daunting. Nine months later, Chad and his wife are still...
Parking lot near Brotman Hall
All parking program changes for spring semester 2021:
Bus shuttle EV Chargers
This year's Annual Report 2019-20 is now available. Click on the image above!
Skating on campus
Guidelines for parking on campus for Spring Semester 2021.
Long Beach Transit Passes are not available for sale at this time.
stacked parking
In response to the transition to virtual instruction for Spring Semester 2020.