ParkMobile FAQ

The ParkMobile App is a mobile payment option for Short-Term, Daily and Event Parking purchases on our campus.

ParkMobile Zone Parking

ParkMobile is a pay-by-phone parking application. Individuals can use ParkMobile to purchase Short-Term, Daily or Event Parking.

For Short-Term parking purchases, users can monitor the time remaining on their parking session and even add time to the purchase remotely via their mobile device.

Simply download the ParkMobile app on your smartphone, create an account, and add your vehicle information including your license plate number. You can add up to 5 license plate numbers per account. To finish, enter in a form of payment.

Once registered, pick a zone off the map within the app or reference the zone number listed on the sign located in your parking area (for Short-Term purchases, choose an amount of time). Confirm and a countdown timer will appear tracking the time remaining for your purchase. You may extend your Short-Term parking purchase time remotely up to the maximum time allotted for that location. For additional questions, please visit the ParkMobile Online Help Center.

ParkMobile is available in all General Lots (Daily, Event parking), Employee Lots (after 5:30 p.m.) and the areas where Short-Term parking spaces are located including G1, G4, G5,  G10, G11, G12, S1, E1, E5, E6, State University Drive, South Campus Turnaround and Beachside Campus.

ParkMobile allows the individual to skip the pay station and purchase parking via their smartphone. ParkMobile also provides the ability to monitor how much time remains on your Short-Term parking purchase and the convenience of adding more time remotely via your mobile device.

For Event Parking, ParkMobile allows you to purchase your parking up to 30 days prior to the event, skipping the lines at pay stations and reducing the time it takes to park, complete a parking purchase, and enter the event.

Please visit the Permits webpage to view all current Short-Term and Daily parking rates. There is currently a 0.25 cent per transaction fee for purchases made on the ParkMobile app.

ParkMobile accepts all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover) as well as PayPal, MasterPass, or Visa Checkout (where available). Users can also add an additional payment method of to their ParkMobile account as a back-up. 

Parking transactions cannot be changed after they are created, including changing or editing license plate information. If you find that you entered the incorrect license plate information, you must stop the active parking transaction and start a new transaction with the correct information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Entering a new license plate number and starting a new session with that license plate number will be initiating another parking transaction and therefore another charge to your payment method on file.  Refunds for a mistaken transaction are not provided by ParkMobile. Please visit the ParkMobile Help Center for additional information.

An existing license plate number cannot be edited. To correct a discrepancy, enter in a new license plate number and then delete the incorrect license plate.

The “Reserve” function of the ParkMobile application is not available on CSULB campus.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can still use ParkMobile through the automated phone system. The number you can call to pay for your parking is located on the ParkMobile sign in your parking area. To use the service, you will need to complete a one-time registration on the ParkMobile website or by calling the toll-free number before starting your first parking session.

To receive text and/or email message reminders, simply enable these options under your alert preference settings. To view your current parking alert preferences, log in to your Personal Pages and click “Alerts & Messages” in the left hand navigation area.

Each Short-Term parking zone has a maximum time allowed. You can extend your stay up to the maximum allowable time via the ParkMobile app. Alternatively, if you plan to stay on campus for the day, please move your vehicle to a General Parking space and purchase Daily Parking from either the ParkMobile App or a campus pay station. Please visit the Permits webpage to view pricing and time restrictions for Short-Term parking spaces.

Unfortunately, all parking sales are final and refunds are not available.

For app functionality, please contact the ParkMobile Customer Service Help Desk at 877.727.5932.  


ParkMobile Event Pre-purchase

  1. Visit
  2. Type “CSULB” in the search bar titled Save Time With Reserved Parking
    1. You may also click on Reserve Parking for Later in the top, horizontal navigation bar, then on the map page type “CSULB” into the search bar
  3. You will see a map of campus with our current venues listed
  4. Click View All events under the CPAC venue of your event
  5. Events for that venue will be shown, click on the event you will be attending
  6. Create account or Login to your existing account
  7. Select your vehicle and payment option
  8. Complete your purchase
  9. You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase 
  10. On the day of your event, drive to campus, park, and walk into the venue.

Walter Pyramid, Carpenter Performing Arts Center, George Allen Field, Lindgren Aquatics Center (Pool), Jack Rose Track, Beach Volleyball, LBSU Softball Complex, Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, and the University Theater Arts.

Parking may be purchased up to 30 days prior to the event using a mobile device or desktop computer.

There is a 0.35 cent fee to use ParkMobile zone parking. There are no fees when purchasing via the ParkMobile Events Module.

If the license plate needs to be updated, the easiest option is to cancel and purchase a new reservation. If less than 3 hours before the event, please contact the ParkMobile reservations team and ask an agent to assist you.

A refund must be requested 3 hours prior to the event start time for the parking reservation to be refunded. Please contact the ParkMobile phone reservations team at (866) 330-7275. Their team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more FAQs, please visit the ParkMobile Support Help Center.