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Parking Tips

Parking Tips

Here are a series of parking tips that may help you better navigate your commutes to and from CSULB.

Parking Tip 1

Don't forget about Assisted Parking services available at the beginning of each semester in Lots G6 and G7. No circling. Park right away, take you claim ticket and head straight to class!

Assisted Parking

Parking Tip 2

Out and Up! Parking spaces near the campus core fill up first, but parking spaces are often overlooked in the outer lots of campus and the uppermost floors of each parking structure.

Top portion of the Pyramid Parking structure

Parking Tip 3

Park closer in the evenings and on weekends! All Employee (E) Lots are open to Student Permits after 5:30 pm (Mon-Fri) and all day on weekends. NOTE: Please be sure the space is not otherwise restricted w/ posted signage (ADA, State Vehicle, etc.).

Employee Parking at Brotman Hall

Parking Tip 4

Fix that plate number! Our campus uses a sustainable paperless system called License Plate Recognition (LPR) to verify your permit. Avoid citations by verifying your license plate number is listed correctly on your account at the Parking Portal.

Go Beach Plate

Parking Tip 5

Arrive a little early! Peak times of campus congestion are typically 9-11 a.m. and 2-6 p.m. (Monday-Thursday). Allow extra time for traffic on campus roadways and locating parking coming to campus during on these times and days of the week.

EV Charger Parking

Parking Tip 6

Take a ride instead! Save money on a permit, gas, insurance and the time in traffic by using one of the many free or highly-subsidized forms of sustainable transportation offered at CSULB. Metro, Bus, Bike, Carpool, Shuttle, and more! Learn all the options at CSULB Ride.

Long Beach Bikeshare

Parking Tip 7

Don’t forget about Zipcar! CSULB has four Zipcars parked right on campus (two in Lot G6 and two in Lot E1). If choose to live a car-free life, you can still rent a car at a discounted student rate by the hour or by the day. Zipcar is both convenient and cost effective.

Four people inside a Zipcar

Parking Tip 8

Carpool to campus! Post a new ride or join an existing ride on Zimride, CSULB’s private ride-matching network. Rides are coming to campus from as far away as Burbank, Manhattan Beach, and even Fontana! Share the high costs of gas, maintenance and parking permit fees with other studnets and staff heading the same direction as you. More info at Zimride.