Donations For Citations

The Donations for Citations program provides a once-per-year (July 1 - June 30) opportunity to donate qualified items to the ASI Beach Pantry as an alternative to paying a campus parking citation in full. Qualified citation types can pay a $20 processing fee to Parking and Transportation Services and select five items from the categories below to donate to the ASI Beach Pantry in lieu of paying for the citation.

Please call us at (562) 985-4146 or email to begin the process.

  • Improper permit in employee space
  • Improper permit in general space
  • Improper permit in short-term space
  • Short-term permit in general space
  • Short-term permit in employee space
  • Resident permit in non-resident space
  • Non-resident permit in resident space
  • No valid permit*

*A monthly, semester, or annual permit must be purchased in order to complete the Donations for Citations Program. Visitors do not qualify.

Individuals will purchase one item from each of the following categories and bring a total of five items to the Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) Office for donation. Items cannot be damaged or expired.

Qualified Donations
Category Canned Food
(1 can)
(1 item)
(1 item/package)
(1 package)
Canned Protein
(1 can)
  Fruit Cup of Noodles Deodorant Macaroni and Cheese Canned Tuna
  Vegetables Instant Ramen Body Wash Pasta Canned Chicken
  Applesauce Canned soups Feminine Hygiene Products (box) Cereal Canned Beans
  Pasta Sauce Canned chili Toothbrush Rice Canned Chickpeas
  Peanut Butter Chef Boyardee Shampoo Oatmeal 
Health Bars 

NOTE: Travel size items that belong to a larger package/box are not accepted. All items must be new and sealed.

  1. Select five acceptable items for donation from the qualified donations table. One item from each of the five categories must be brought in for donation, for a total of five donated items. Expired, damaged, or open items will not be accepted.
  2. Visit the PTS building with your donations and pay the $20 processing fee prior to the 21 calendar day deadline from the receipt of your citation.
  3. The citation is marked as dismissed.


How did this program start?

An undergraduate student, Stephanie Argent, came to Parking and Transportation Services in the summer of 2018, proposing an idea to make a difference with the food insecurity for our students. Citing a research study of Student Basic Needs performed by Dr. Rashida Crutchfield and Dr. Jennifer Maguire (Jan. 2018), she found that 41.6% of students in the California State University (CSU) systemreported experiencing food insecurity. Parking & Transportation Services recognized this fact and wanted to partner with Stephanie to make a difference in the lives of our students on campus while also exploring the possibility of a discounted citation payment option. Through this collaboration came the Donations for Citations program.

This program now provides students with a discounted citation payment option while at the same time increasing the supply of available resources to the ASI Beach Pantry and further combating food insecurity on our campus.