Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The CSULB Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible to ensure that all research projects involving human subjects are conducted in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations to protect the research participants. 

If you have any IRB-related questions, concerns, or queries, please send an email to

To find the most up-to-date Word versions of IRB forms, templates, and sample documents, please log into IRBNet and look under Forms and Templates. IRBNet Guide


On March 9, 2023, the IRB approved IRB Guidance to PI on CSULB Gift Card Policy.  A copy of the IRB Letter Regarding the Gift Card Policy 09-13-2022is attached for reference. 

On March 9, 2023, the IRB voted that all researchers conducting human subjects research must adhere to CSULB Campus Policy and Procedures regarding COVID-19 and, when applicable, the local site regulations. 

Please submit application materials as instructed below...

(a) New Project Submission 

  • IRB Application Form
  • Informed Consent Form(s)
  • Appendices (compile all items into one file, listed alphabetically, e.g., Appendix-A: Recruitment flyer, Appendix-B: Permission Letter, etc.)

(b) Amendment/Modification Submission 

  • Amendment Form (i.e., Request for changes to the approved IRB protocol)
  • IRB Application Form with highlighted changes
  • Informed Consent Form(s) with highlighted changes
  • Appendices (compile all items into one file, listed alphabetically, e.g., Appendix-A: Recruitment flyer, Appendix-B: Permission Letter, etc.)

(c) Revision Submission (Response to requested modification letter)

  • Cover Letter (Outlining revisions)
  • Revised IRB Application Form
  • Revised Informed Consent Forms(s)
  • Appendices (compile all items into one file, listed alphabetically, e.g., Appendix-A: Recruitment flyer, Appendix-B: Permission Letter, etc.)

The IRB has three application forms for New Project submissions. Read below to determine which form you need to complete for your research. Please refer to the IRBNet Guide for instructions on online submissions.


For research involving:

  • Secondary analysis of identifiable data
  • Retrospective and/or prospective secondary data analysis 

IRB Application for Existing and Secondary Data Form (formattable) (v.3).docx


For minimal risk research activities involving one of the following exempt categories:

IRB Application for Administrative and Limited Review (formattable) (v.3).docx

IRB Application for Exempt Review (BETA).docx


For research activities involving one of the following expedited categories:

IRB Application for Expedited and Standard Review (formattable) (v.3).docx

For Student/Program Projects (Please read the Guidance on Student Projects first to see whether your project meets the submission requirements for Umbrella Project):

IRB Guidance on Student Projects Feb13_2020 (PDF)

IRB Umbrella Protocol for Administrative Review (DOC)


Before submitting to the IRB please confirm you have the following:

  • CITI Training: Completed CITI online training IRB requires all individuals listed on New Project to complete either the Social & Behavioral Basic/Refresher Course or Biomedical Research - Basic/Refresher. 

         Instructions on Navigating CITI Program (PDF)

  • Permission/Authorization Letters: When conducting research off-campus or in locations other than the investigator's office/lab or public space, the IRB requires the submission of permission/authorization letters. 

          View a sample permission letter (PDF)

Campus BodyCampus Recruitment Contacts
Student Life & Development (posting, recruiting and tabling in common areas on campus)

Request a permission letter addressed to the CSULB IRB

Institutional Research & Assessment

(large student data sets for secondary data analysis)

The IR&A collects and analyses data, and generates reports to support institutional planning. Areas of interest include admissions, enrollment, retention and persistence rates, as well as time-to-degree and graduation rates broken down by student type (i.e. freshmen, transfers etc.).

To request IR&A data submit the Data Request Form at the link above. If you are requesting identifiable data or data with links to identifiers such as emails or student ID #s, the IRB requires a permission letter from IR&A included with your IRB submission.

Individual Courses or Entire DepartmentsRequest permission letter(s) from individual instructors or Department Chairs (when recruiting from the entire department by posting flyers) and list all courses or areas you will have permission to recruit. (Ex. Psy. 446 & 447 or Psychology Department bulletin boards).

Please refer to the IRBNet Guide for instructions on submitting a subsequent package.

Amendments: The Request for Amendment to an Approved IRB Protocol form is for changing your approved research such as adding/changing personnels, number of participants, informed consent, questions to survey, or recruitment site, etc. Please provide any additional documents that are affected by the proposed changes, highlighted, and submit the documents as a subsequent package to your approved research in IRBNet. 

Amendment Form (v.3).docx

Annual Protocol Check-Ins: If active recruitment or outstanding research-related activities are continuing, please complete the Annual Check-In form.

Annual Check-In Form (v.3).docx

Continuing Reviews: Only research that underwent Standard Review (reviewed by the convened IRB) at the initial review, OR research was escalated to greater than minimal risk due to amendments to approved research will complete a Continuing Review form.

Continuing Review Form (v.3).docx

  1. IRB Submission
    • Upload documents to IRBNet
    • Include all relevant attachments 
  2. Pre-Review
    • Confirms completeness
    • Recommend Revisions
  3. IRB Review
    • Administrative
    • Exempt
    • Expedited
    • Full Board
  4. Modification Letter
    • Mandatory changes requested based on ethics and compliance
  5. Final Review & Approval
    • Project approved after all modifications are adequately addressed