Award Close-Out

Sponsoring agencies have regulations dictating close out of expired/terminated awards. Even though expenditures stop, there are still required steps to be taken to complete the project. Although ORED is responsible for orchestrating a smooth closeout, the PI will play a prominent role in the final project closeout.

Most sponsors allow 90 days after the expiration of the award for closeout activities. During this period, the PI has important responsibilities to facilitate a timely and seamless closeout.

ORED will communicate the impending project expiration date, approximately 90 days prior, to the PI. The PI and the GCA will work closely together to ensure an orderly close out.

The GCA will take the lead in preparing and submitting final financial and any administrative reports.

It is the PI’s responsibility to:

  • Inform their GCA if a No-Cost Time Extension (NCE) request will be submitted to the sponsoring agency.

  • Ensure that all time sheets and absence reports for individuals employed by the project are forwarded to the Research Foundation HR by the end date of the closing project.

  • Process new Status Forms for all employees on the closing project who are to be transferred to a different project.

  • Submit all transactions (invoices, travel claims, reimbursement requests, etc.) within 45 days of the project's end date (this will ensure adequate time for payment, posting and billing by ORED).

  • Close any open Purchase Orders (POs), including blanket POs, within 45 days of the projects end date (unless the sponsor requires a financial report sooner than 90 days—your GCA will inform you of an expedited closing window).

  • If the project has recurring expenditures (i.e. telecommunications, mail room, copy center), a new project chart field number must be provided for charges beyond the project's end date, or the service center should be notified to cancel the authorization.

  • Confirm that all cost sharing requirements have been met (if applicable).

  • The PI is responsible for submitting the final progress report(s) to the sponsor on a timely basis and providing evidence (transmittal communication) of the submission to the GCA. The PI is also responsible for record retention of all programmatic materials and reports; however, a copy of all reports (or the transmittal correspondence) should be forwarded to the GCA as good business practice.

  • Some sponsors require additional close out documents/reports. Your GCA will inform you of any additional requirements, such as: State of CA conflict of interest, equipment inventories/reports/disposition, etc.

If you are expecting additional funding beyond the end date of the current project but have not yet received the corresponding notice of grant award or contract, please contact your GCA.