Spend Funds

Spending My Money - An Overview

Purchasing goods and services at the University is driven by state law and, if federally funded, by federal requirements. Depending upon the funding source the process for procurement may be subject to certain restrictions, conditions or procedures. Please contact ORSP before making any major purchases or retaining vendor services. We can also advise on sole source/sole brand requests.

Purchase Orders are required for the following purchases:

  • All services (insurance required/terms and conditions)
  • Purchases of items with an acquisition cost of ≥ $5,000 (purchases cannot be “split” in order to circumvent the purchasing policy)

Ordering without a Purchase Order:

Some purchases may be made without the establishment of a purchase order. Typically these expenses:

  • Are of low dollar values;
  • Reimburse an employee for out of pocket expenses not related to travel or hospitality;

Purchasing authority without the requirement of a formal purchase order can be delegated to authorized personnel via the following:

  • Procurement Card (P-Card)
    The P-Card is an authorized credit card issued by the campus (University or Research Foundation) to designated employees for the purchase of low-dollar value goods in person, by telephone, facsimile, Internet or mail order in accordance with the Procurement Card Manual guidelines.
  • Direct Pay
    Direct expense payments are made to a vendor for goods (services always require a PO for liability insurance reasons) purchased by the campus without prior purchase order. Reimbursements may be processed through direct expense payment, subject to the direct payment policy, when there is no added value to obtaining a purchase order.
  • Verbal PO’s
    Periodically, an emergency/critical purchase is necessary for a project at an inopportune time. In order to facilitate the purchase and to avoid having to make a personal expense for which reimbursement will be sought, a PI may phone in an order directly to the vendor. The PI will assign his/her own “PO number” (Use the fund number and last name of the person placing the order e.g. G1234-001 Jameson) to facilitate payment when the invoice arrives for payment.

It is important to note that appropriate use tax will be charged by the accounts payable department on any payment or reimbursement where the vendor did not collect such tax. This will be particularly apparent on Internet purchases. It is state law that the proper sales/use taxes are collected and remitted to the state.