Create/Connect Your ORCID iD

Detailed instructions on registration: Register your ORCID iD

What is ORCID?

The ORCID iD is a unique, persistent identifier free of charge to researchers.

Use your ORCID profile to showcase institutional affiliations, grants, publications, peer review, and more.
ORCID iD can share information with other systems, ensuring you get recognition for all your contributions, saving you time, and reducing the risk of errors.


Why use ORCID?

  • An ORCID iD reliably connects you with your works, awards, and affiliations. ORCID is open, international, community-based, and multi-disciplinary.
  • Many researchers share the same, or a similar name, making it easy to confuse you with someone else. Having and using your own ORCID iD ensures that you are correctly identified.
  • You own and control your record, managing what information is connected and how it is shared. You choose what information to connect to your iD, and whom to share it with - everyone, no one, or trusted organizations (e.g. ORCID members, who must first get your permission to access your record).
  • ORCID improves recognition for you and your research. A number of platforms are including ORCID iDs as a search term and/or a method for enhancing search results.
  • ORCID saves you time. When using the Search & Link Wizard (below) your record is automatically updated by trusted organizations.  

Building your ORCID

You can add information to your record manually or automatically in bulk using Search & Link Wizards. These tools are embedded directly within the ORCID Registry user interface and are used by researchers to connect information to their records. After you select a wizard and grant permission, the member organization updates your record with information from their system.

For more details see: Building your ORCID record & connecting your iD