Intellectual Property

Patents, Intellectual Property, and Copyrights

Faculty members, staff, and students at California State University, Long Beach dedicate time and effort to research and scholarly activities that may result in discoveries or inventions of a patentable and marketable nature. The University policy statement on Intellectual Property describes principles and processes of the disposition of property rights to such forms of intellectual property including copyright, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets in order to provide full protection of the rights of such scholarship and productivity.

Read the full CSULB Policy on Intellectual Property: Inventions and Discoveries.

If you would like discuss activities that may have Intellectual Property, please contact the Director of Innovation and Economic Development in the Office of Research and Economic Development to provide you with assistance in determining the necessary steps to protect your rights.

CSULB Disclosure of Discovery or Inveninon Form (DDI Form)

Please download a copy of the 2017 Version of the DDI Form.  Email a scanned PDF copy of the completed DDI Form signed and dated by all people listed to the Director of Innovation and Economic Development.

Advisory Committee on Patents and Copyrights (ACPC)

Appointments By Academic Senate Nominating Committee
Name Email
Lesley Farmer
Jon Stone

Appointments By The Provost's Designee

Name Email
Dhushy Sathianathan
Hamid Rahai

Ex-Officio: AVP For Research & Economic Development Or Designee

Name Email
Jade Sche

CSULB Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)

The IIE at CSULB provides programming and mentoring designed to unlock the creative energy of students, faculty, staff and the greater Long Beach community. The primary goal of the Institute is to leverage this energy and entrepreneurial capital into a driving force for economic development for greater Long Beach. Creating economic opportunities will support long-term economic growth that is sustainable and improves the lives of all sectors of our community.  Providing programs that support an inclusive and diverse economy for greater Long Beach is our passion!