Food Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CSULB has determined that serving 50 or more meals is beyond the scope of CSULB responsibilities to ensure proper food handling and food safety.  Anytime meals are “Self-Catered” or purchased and served directly by CSULB employees, CSULB assumes the responsibility and liability for the food.  Caterers that CSULB contracts with (pre-approved or when ordered through a requisition) are required to provide proof of their latest heath inspection, certified training in safe food handling/serving, assume the liability for providing their food, and insure the University.

Any meal being prepared and delivered to (Self-Catering) and/or served by a supplier (Catering Service) at a CSULB location regardless of the number of people attending the event.  This includes meals picked up by individuals and brought to a CSULB location.  Only preapproved caterers can setup and serve food at a CSULB location. 

A meal is defined as any cold or hot food being prepared and served at a CSULB location including pizza. 

No, they are not considered meals and would not fall under the “Food Service” designation.  A hospitality form is still required.

No, the list is not closed and any new caterer who meets CSULB’s requirements and would like to join can do so.  The caterer needs to reach out to CSULB Procurement Services by emailing to begin the approval process.

No, however, the department will need to submit a requisition for the caterer they are interested in using.  The caterer will be vetted by procurement and must meet CSULB contracting, insurance, and catering requirements.


  • Self-Catering Option (49 meals or less):   A ProCard may be used for these purchases and is the preferred method.  However, Direct Pay and Employee Reimbursement options are also acceptable.  An approved hospitality form is required. 
    • What if a caterer (supplier) requires a contract be signed? If the caterer (supplier) requires a signed contract, you will need to submit a requisition to Procurement Services following the Catering Option identified below.
  • Pre-Approved Caterers and Food Trucks (from the pre-approved list):  A ProCard is the only approved payment method for any supplier from the pre-approved caterer list. 
  • Catering Option for 50 meals or more or the caterer is not on the pre-approved list:  An approved requisition is required and must be submitted to Procurement Services.  Normal payment method is check/EFT, but Procurement Services may authorize a payment exception allowing use of a ProCard.  If Procurement Services grants an exception, the department will be notified of the exception.

If the food is being delivered/served at a CSULB location, yes the policies apply.

The Food Service policies apply to on-campus food services being performed.  Any services being performed off-campus would follow the off-campus services policies including review of any contractual documents by Procurement.