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Understanding Repeat Coursework and Aid Eligibility

Federal regulations require financial aid may only be awarded to an undergraduate, graduate, or a professional student once for a previously passed course (i.e., one repetition per class). The University Repeat Policy does not apply to the student when determining if the repeat coursework is eligible for financial aid.

Repeat Policy Conditions

  • If a student repeats a course that is not eligible for financial aid, a recalculation of aid is completed to exclude the credits for the repeated course.
  • The policy applies whether or not the student received aid for earlier enrollments in the course.
  • All repeated courses are counted as attempted units for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

What is a Passing Grade?

For financial aid, any grade higher than an F will be considered to have passed the course. NOTE: This is true regardless of any university or major program policy requiring a higher grade or measure for academic purposes.

  • Passing grades are: A, B, C, D, CR (Credit) or Pass
  • Non-passing grades are: NC (No Credit), I, W, WU, F


Pass Grade Scenarios


1st Attempt

2nd Attempt

3rd Attempt

Is the enrolled attempt eligible for aid?

Scenario 1





Scenario 2





Scenario 3





What do I do if I am repeating a course?

  • The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will adjust your financial aid accordingly and will send you a notification letter regarding the adjustment.
  • Adjustments may result in the repayment of aid. You will be notified regarding repayment of aid, if any, owed due to repeated coursework.
  • You have the option to change your enrollment, from late registration through Census.
  • A financial aid hold may be placed on your account preventing disbursement of all aid and you will be required to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor.
  • We will verify your financial aid eligibility after Census, based on your current enrollment. This may reinstate previously adjusted aid.