Cost of Attendance

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California State University, Long Beach makes every effort to keep costs to a minimum for all students, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the top universities in the west for return on investment. We are here to support you with your academic and financial planning goals. 

Your cost of attendance will vary depending on your program, residency status, and living arrangements. Estimates represent the average cost for a student to attend CSULB for one academic year.

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Additional Information:

The components below are typically included in a student's estimated cost of attendance. Estimates represent the average cost for a student to attend CSULB for one academic year.

  • Tuition and Mandatory Fees: Cost paid to CSULB for courses, includes mandatory campus fees
  • Living Expenses (housing and food): The average cost per academic year to live in Long Beach while attending CSULB. Actual costs may vary by individual choices related to location and circumstances (on-campus, off-campus, living at home)
    • Commuter Room and Board reflect the lower costs of living at home
    • On-Campus Room and Board is the average housing contract amount plus the 21-meal option
    • Off-Campus Room and Board assume a roommate
  • Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment: The average cost of books course materials, supplies, and equipment per academic year. This includes the cost of a computer.
  • Transportation: The average transportation cost of traveling to and from CSULB
    • Amount does not include car payments, insurance, parking, or vehicle maintenance
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses: The average amount for personal expenses—from clothing and laundry to going to a movie or buying a pizza—each year
  • Federal Student Loan Fees: These are the loan fees on the average amount of federal student loans borrowed by a student in this degree program. There is no requirement to borrow loans at CSULB.

For informational purposes only: In accordance with California Assembly Bill 990, California State University, Long Beach provides the typical market cost of a one bedroom apartment in the Long Beach area: 1 Bedroom: $2,623 per month 

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