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COVID-19 Info for CNSM Students

The following information is specifically for students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. General campus-wide information can be found in the CSULB Response to COVID-19.

Changes in Academic Policies Due to COVID-19

This information pertains to CNSM undergraduate majors and pre-majors only. All other students should consult the appropriate Academic Advising Office or make an Enrollment Services inquiry regarding changes in academic procedures.

In light of concerns regarding COVID-19 and the transition to alternative modes of instruction, Enrollment Services and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics introduced several changes in academic regulations. These changes are one-time solutions applicable to Spring 2020 courses only.

Students in Research Labs

This information was sent as an email to CNSM students on Sunday April 5. It has been updated on April 7 in regards to graduate students.

Dear CNSM Majors,

CSULB resumes remote delivery of instruction on Monday 4/6, and remote delivery will continue for the reminder of Spring 2020 semester.

Please continue checking frequently your CSULB email address, your course BeachBoard, other websites identified by your instructors and advisors, and the CSULB Response to COVID-19 for information and updates.

To promote social distancing and to ensure that essential CSULB personnel is able to safely support remote operations, we are closing MLSC, HSCI, and FO3 buildings to all research students, both undergraduate and graduate, effective Monday April 6, 8:00am.

If you are a research student currently authorized to work in the faculty research laboratory and you have the building/laboratory key, you may enter the building to collect your belongings before Wednesday April 8, 5:00pm. Please contact your research supervisor in advance and request authorization before coming to campus.

Thank you once again for doing your very best to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the campus community in this time of worldwide epidemic.

Continue to keep safe and be well,

Curtis Bennett, Ph.D., Dean, CNSM

Kris Slowinski, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Programs, CNSM