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COVID-19 Info for CNSM Personnel

COVID-19 Info for CNSM Personnel

Arranging Your Campus Visit

Faculty, staff, and student employees in CNSM who visit campus must have the proper training, the proper approval, and the proper forms filled out in order to have authorization. These items are mandatory.

The information found on here is only for faculty and staff, as well as students reporting to work for which they received compensation by CSULB. Reuniting the Beach details the procedures for students coming to campus for reasons other than reporting to work.


As a one-time requirement, you must complete the COVID-19 Preventative Work Practices Training maintained by Environmental Health and Safety. All employees are required to complete this training as part of the preparations for fall. This training replaces the CNSM-specific version we have been using for over a year now. You must complete this new training even if you have previously completed the CNSM version.

You must also know and follow the guidelines posted on Reuniting the Beach while on campus.

Survey Forms

Once you have approval and have completed training, you must fill out the following 1 form each day you are physically coming to campus. The form must be filled out just before you head to campus.

  1. COVID-19 Pre-Screen via Single Sign-On

This form will assist Student Health Services with contact tracing, should that be necessary.

Additional Resources

Here you will find information about processes and protocols the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has established to navigate teaching and research operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your continued work in helping our students, each other, and the college during the pandemic. Also thank you for your continued patience with the ever-changing rules!