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COVID-19 Info for CNSM Personnel

COVID-19 Info for CNSM Personnel

Arranging Your Campus Visit

Faculty, staff, student employees, and student researchers in CNSM who visit campus must have the proper training, the proper approval, and the proper forms filled out in order to have authorization. These items are mandatory.

The information found on here is only for faculty, staff, students reporting to work, and students reporting to a research lab. Reuniting the Beach details the procedures for students coming to campus for reasons other than reporting to work or reporting to a research lab.


As a one-time requirement, you must complete the COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Training maintained by the Science Safety Office before coming to campus. For CNSM employees, this training supersedes and replaces the training maintained by Environmental Health and Safety. You need only finish this training once (not every time you come to campus).

You must also know and follow the Face Covering Policy while on campus.


All visits to campus must be approved by the Dean or Associate Deans. You must get approval from the Dean or Associate Deans for every visit. Standing approval exists for: 

  1. students attending face-to-face classes
  2. instructors teaching face-to-face classes 
  3. researchers listed on an approved Laboratory Research Recovery Application and the Provost-approved CNSM research schedule for the current week 
  4. researchers listed on an approved Field Research Recovery Application and a Fieldwork Checklist for the current date 
  5. employees who have been designated essential by their Department Chair or supervisor 
  6. instructors with Dean’s approval to teach from a Quiet WiFi Room in HSCI or MLSC 

If you are not sure whether you have standing approval – you don't. Start by requesting permission to visit campus from your supervisor or Department Chair. If they approve, they will forward your request to the appropriate Dean/Associate Dean.

Survey Forms

Once you have approval and have completed training, you must fill out the following 2 forms each day you are physically coming to campus. These forms must be filled out just before you head to campus.

  1. COVID-19 Pre-Screen via Single Sign-On
  2. CNSM Building Occupancy Survey

These forms help the College ensure health and safety protocols are maintained for the CNSM community, as well as assist with contact tracing.

Student Employees

If you are a student employee and you will be working and attending face-to-face classes on the same day, you must fill out both the student and employee COVID-19 Pre-Screen surveys as well as the building occupancy survey (for a total of 3 separate forms). For days that you are coming to campus but not reporting to work, use only the student version of the COVID-19 Pre-Screen survey, and skip the building occupancy survey.

Students Researchers

Student researchers only need to fill out the building occupancy survey on days you will be reporting to your research lab in the Hall of Science, Microbiology, or the Molecular Life Sciences Center buildings. For days that you are coming to campus but not reporting to the lab, you do not need to use the building occupancy survey.

Additional Resources

Here you will find information about processes and protocols the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has established to navigate teaching and research operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your continued work in helping our students, each other, and the college during the pandemic. Also thank you for your continued patience with the ever-changing rules!