Plan Your Future

Whatever brought you to The Beach, your journey towards reaching your career goals begins now!


Dream Become Succeed

Learn how you can start making your career dreams a reality by exploring the following career development models.

Major and Career Exploration: Find a career you feel excited about with the DREAM Career Decision-Making Model

  • Discover Yourself
  • Research Majors and Careers
  • Evaluate Your Options
  • Acquire Experience
  • Make a Decision

Career Preparation: Build the skills to become an accomplished professional with the BECOME Career Preparation Model

  • Build a Positive Reputation
  • Establish Hard Skills
  • Cultivate Soft Skills
  • Obtain Relevant Experience
  • Maintain a Resilient Attitude
  • Execute Your Career Preparation Plan

Job and Internship Search: Develop the tools and confidence to get hired with the SUCCEED Job and Internship Search Model

  • Start with a Positive Mindset
  • Understand Your Industry
  • Construct a Job Search Plan
  • Create a Tailored Resume
  • Enhance Your Interviewing Skills
  • Engage in Professional Networking
  • Develop Your Online Presence

For assistance with planning your future and implementing the DREAM, BECOME and SUCCEED Models, view instructions for scheduling an appointment with a career counselor.