Beach Nexus

Did you know that alumni mentors are ready to help guide you on your path from student to successful professional? Beach Nexus is CSULB’s exclusive online mentoring and professional network that connects students and alumni, and it’s the perfect place to get your career questions answered by professionals who’ve been in your shoes.

Beach Nexus, CSULB's exclusive mentoring and professional ne

Students can engage with Beach Nexus in two different ways:

Flash Mentoring

Flash mentoring is a great option for students who want to network at their own pace. You can filter mentors according to industry, geographic location, college major, involvement in campus organizations, identity factors and more, and you can send messages or meeting invitations to as many mentors as you wish. Interactions are entirely driven by the student. Flash mentoring works well for students who are interested in reaching out to different professionals with specific questions about their job or company or conducting informational interviews to learn about different career paths. Learn how to request an informational interview and what questions to ask on the CDC Informational Interviews page.

Formal Mentoring Programs

Students looking for a more structured, one-on-one approach to networking can sign up to participate in a formal mentoring program in which they are paired with a designated mentor. The Spring Mentor Program takes places each spring, and you can sign up to be paired with a mentor for the entire semester. You and your mentor will be provided with resources and goals to work toward.

Beach Nexus is available to all CSULB students and alumni. Once you graduate, your student account will be converted to an alumni account so that you can continue networking with alumni but also have the ability to mentor students.

To use Beach Nexus:

  1. Sign into Beach Nexus through [Single Sign-On]
  2. Complete your Beach Nexus profile
  3. Click on [Connect] to begin networking and view upcoming mentor programs and events