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Billie Beach

(562) 985-4151 |

December 14, 2023

Blizzard Entertainment
1 Blizzard Way
Irvine, CA 92618

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am applying for the position of UX and Visual Designer Intern for Game Sites at Blizzard Entertainment. As an avid player of Overwatch and Diablo, I hope to work with Blizzard Entertainment because of our shared value of prioritizing gamer experiences. In my studies at California State University, Long Beach as a Design student, I have developed strong technical and design skills. My experience working in both the entertainment and healthcare industries and my education have allowed me to foster communication and strategic design skillsets that would enable me to excel in this position.

In my work with Riot Games, I assisted our Senior UX Designers and Analytics Engineers with the game League of Legends. Through this opportunity, I demonstrated strong communication and problem-solving skills during meetings where we integrated user game experiences and interface design. I was able to pitch an idea for a particular game character in order to create a smoother transition in the character arc. As a result, the pitch was integrated into the upcoming game version for 2022. Additionally, my experience in the healthcare field shaped my strategic design skills as I was in charge of supporting UX Designers, Data Scientists, and UI Designers in the creation and implementation of a survey form in ADP’s mobile app. I used both my knowledge of quantitative methodology and user experience principles to assist users with information and navigation on the app.

I understand that one of the core values held by Blizzard is to learn and grow, especially with technology changing how users interact with information and whole worlds like the ones created in Overwatch and Diablo. I believe that my skills and experiences will allow me to incorporate creative solutions and ideas for any project, and I would welcome an opportunity to discuss further how I can contribute to the team. I can be reached at (562) 985-4151 or Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Billie Beach