Career Profiles: Religious Studies

CSULB Department of Religious Studies

A major in religious studies develops an informed understanding of the varied forms religion takes in human history and society. Students learn the specifics of human religious behavior in many different contexts, both in today's world and throughout history. The special emphasis of the program is on using the tools of the humanities and the social sciences to understand religions. Such understanding includes a sensitivity to different cultures, world views and value systems. The careers that a religious studies major enters depends in large measure on the student's unique interests, values, and skills. Knowledge of world religions is useful in any career that requires sensitivity to human diversity. In addition, graduates of this program develop critical and analytical skills and the ability to read carefully and write clearly--all essential in many careers in the workplace. Students develop a background to work in industry, government, non-profit organizations, and educational environments, as well as in organizations associated with world religions.

Cap & Degree

Career Possibilities:

Additional experience and/or education may be required

  • Administration of non-profit organizations
  • Chaplainry
  • Charity Officer
  • Clergy
  • Community Organization Worker
  • Counselor
  • Crisis Services
  • Director Religious Activities
  • Hospice Director
  • Human Resources
  • Journalism
  • Lawyer
  • Peace Corp Worker
  • Politics
  • Religious Education Director
  • Researcher
  • Residential Living
  • Social Worker
  • Teaching
  • Volunteer Services Director
  • Writer

Where Employed:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Correctional institutions
  • Denominational places of worship
  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Human Rights Organization
  • Media
  • Mental health agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Nursing homes
  • Religious camps
  • Shelters
  • Social service agencies
  • Youth organizations

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