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Medicare Retiree Plans

To Make Changes

If you are interested in enrolling into a new plan or adding/removing dependents, please complete both the form for the plan you choose (available in Human Resources) and the Open Enrollment Change Notification Form (PDF) and return both to Human Resources by Friday, November 17th at 3:00pm. 

To Keep Existing Coverage

If you are satisfied with your health coverage and do not want to make any changes, simply complete the Open Enrollment Change Notification Form to notify our office that you do not wish to make any change to your existing plan coverages for the 2018 plan year. For your convenience, here is a summary of all plan rates for 2018 (PDF).


2018 Plan Highlights & FAQs

Open enrollment is your opportunity to review and make changes to your medical, dental, and vision plans.  During Open Enrollment you can add, delete, or change plans, or add/remove dependents from your coverage.  To help navigate through Open Enrollment, we have included several frequently asked questions for your review. 

FAQs for Medicare Retirees (PDF)

Medical Plans

The Shops will continue to offer the same choice of medical plan benefits as we did last year. These plans include: the Anthem Senior Secure HMO and Anthem Medicare PPO; along with the Anthem Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, and the Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan.

Please note that plan options are limited to where you reside. For example, the PPO plan options are available to retirees in every state. However, HMO plan options are only available to retirees residing in Southern California, as the network is limited to this area. As a friendly reminder, please also note that in order to participate in one of the retiree medical plans, you will need to be enrolled in Medicare A and B.

Your plan options are:



Dental Plans

The Shops offer Delta Dental of California as the Dental PPO plan of choice and Dental HMO with MetLife/Safeguard HMO.

Delta Dental PPO

MetLife/Safeguard HMO​

Mandatory Notices