Specialty Waste and Reuse Programs

Certain materials that should not be placed in the recycling, compost, or landfill bin must be handled specially to ensure safety and comply with campus procedures. Additionally, donating items to others who can use them is a great way to avoid unnecessary waste!


Faculty, staff, and students can recycle rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries at several locations throughout campus. Batteries contain toxic materials that can contaminate the air, land, and water when not disposed of properly. Battery collection locations are located through out campus.

Departments that generate large quantities of batteries should contact Environmental Health and Safety to request a special collection.

Faculty and staff who want to discard of university-owned computer equipment must first ensure that the hard drives have been properly erased by the Electronic Media Sanitization Procedure recommended by the office of Information Security Management and Compliance.

After the media has been properly sanitized, please email Property@csulb.edu with a list of items to be discarded and stating the Make / Model / Serial # / CSULB Property Tag# (if applicable). For more information please call extension 5-4880.

CSULB does NOT accept e-waste of any kind from the public.

Toner and inkjet cartridges should be recycled by placing used cartridges inside the replacement cartridge box and sent through intercampus mail to Receiving. If you do not have the box, place in a plastic bag and mark the item with a note that says "For Recycling."

There are a number of writing instrument recycling boxes located throughout campus. Acceptable items include permanent markers, highlighters, markers, mechanical pens, and pens. Please refer the writing instrument recycling map for drop-off locations. If you would like to arrange a pick-up of a full box, please contact sustainability@csulb.edu.

Groups organizing events on campus can request to have cardboard and beverage recycling containers for use at their events. 

Special collection programs are implemented during student housing move-in weekend to collect and recycle cardboard boxes and foam packing blocks. When students move-out at the end of the year, collection carts are provided for used clothes and appliances, which are donated to local charity organizations.

Once a year, the Support Services office holds an auction of items that have gone unclaimed in the Lost and Found office. Students, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to attend and bid on these items, which include bicycles, electronics and more. For information about the annual auction of lost and found items, contact Mail & Receiving at extension 5-4828. 

In addition to the programs described above, the university also has programs to recycle:

  • Greenwaste (tree trimmings, leaves, etc.)
  • Scrap metal
  • Wood
  • Inerts (asphalt, block, brick, ceramics, clay, concrete, dirt and plaster)
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Shipping pallets
  • Cooking grease
  • Construction/Demolition debris
  • Tires and motor oil

Campus departments can request temporary dumpsters for discarding wood, scrap metal, and inert materials by calling Customer Service at extension 5-4357. Clean polystyrene packing peanuts can be donated to the 49er Shops Bookstore so they can be reused for packing books and merchandise.


Surplus Property (state-owned property that is no longer needed by a department or the university) including furniture, electronics, vehicles, and miscellaneous office equipment, must be properly processed by the Property Management Office (PMO). Before a department can remove or dispose of surplus property, please send an email request to Property@csulb.edu with a list of items to be discarded. Pictures are welcome. 

The type and condition of surveyed items determine whether they are reused or recycled. Property may be reused by other departments on campus, donated to local non-profit agencies and schools, posted for auction on publicsurplus.com, or dismantled for scrap metal and wood recycling. Contact the Property Coordinator at extension 5-4880 for more information or to view the online inventory of available items.  

Several times during the school year, Associated Students, Inc. and the Career Development Center sponsor professional attire donation events. These events are designed to provide students with professional clothing that they can wear to job interviews, networking events, or in other professional settings.  Contact the Career Development Center at (562) 985-4151 to inquire about dates of upcoming clothing drives. 

You can also use Long Beach’s Donation Guide for a list of additional places you can donate clothing and other items.

Every effort should be made to ensure that edible food (either prepared food leftover from a campus event or packaged, non-perishable food) is donated to those in need. 

For leftover prepared food, contact the Beach Pantry to see what foods can be donated, or set up an account on the Beach Bites app to make leftovers available to students. See the Beach Pantry's Donation Wish List for information about which non-perishable foods are accepted. 

In addition to donations of non-perishable foods, The Beach Pantry also accepts donations of school supplies like notebooks and binders, and personal care items such as shampoo and toothbrushes. 

See the Beach Pantry's Donation Wish List.

Your contributions can make a significant impact by providing essential items for students in need, supporting student success and fostering a brighter future.