Event Assessment

Like everything in life, equitable and sustainable event planning gets easier with practice.

Here are a few recommended steps that you can take before completing the Assessment and submitting your Checklist with photos. 

  • After your event, set aside a time with your group to reflect on what went well and what could have gone better at your event. Be sure to document these things (especially if your event is reoccurring) 
  • Think about what you did to make the event more accessible and inclusive. 

  • What steps were taken to minimize waste? 

  • Demonstrate how you supported the local economy and sustainable food systems.  

  • Gather the photos that your team took at the event and organize/save them in a safe and accessible place. 

  • Make an effort to recognize the sustainability efforts staff and partners made for your event. Give folks a shout out and show some appreciation! 

  • Distribute a feedback survey to attendees and event partners (vendors or caterers) to learn about their experience and how you can improve your next event. 

  • Be honest about the progress that your organization has made towards sustainability goals and the challenges that you have faced. This will help to build trust with your audience and demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement. 

Great work, click here to submit your Event Assessment!