Technical Support

Having issues connecting to the Wi-Fi or want to find out what amenities offered to residents? 

Residential Assistant of Technology (RA-Tech) are live-in student techs that specialized in the housing technology.  RA-Techs will assist in connecting your device to the internet and other housing provided technological services such as tv service and smart device/ game console registration.   

To request RA-Tech assistance, fill out your village's technical assistance form.   

Once the request form has been filled out, a RA-Tech will contact you through email, phone or in person.

Technology Help Desk (THD)- the campus main technology helpdesk.  They can assist with password resets, emails and other campus wide services.   

Technology Helpdesk webpage 


Wi-Fi is available at CSULB including University Housing to all Students, Faculty, Staff and Guests.   

There are 3 main Wi-Fi SSID. 

  • eduroam  - (prefered method of connection for laptops, desktops with Wi-Fi adapters, tablets, and smartphones)
  • beachnet+ - (Alternative method of connection for laptops, desktops with Wi-Fi adapters, tablets, and smartphones)
  • beachnet-guest-access -  (Usually this Wi-Fi is used for visitors.   Housing residents use this Wi-Fi to connect their smart device, game console, and smart tv to the Wi-Fi. Residents will first need to register their device so their smart device/game console wouldn't need a password to connect to the Wi-Fi.)

More information can be found on the CSULB Wi-Fi knowledge base.

Campus Wi-Fi information

Device Configuration

Connecting your game console, smart device and smart tv.

We offer 2 streaming services to all CSULB Housing Residents while on campus. 

  • Streeme - a live streaming television service.  
  • Swank - an on-demand movie and TV streaming service.

Note:  To stream live tv with Streeme or on-demand media with Swank, you will need to first connect your device to the campus Wi-Fi such as eduroam, beachnet+ or beachnet-guest-access. 


Streeme Log on Information:

Users would have received a welcome email containing their login credentials and setup instructions.  If you are unable to locate this email, it may have ended up in your spam or junk folder - please check there, or you can request a new Streeme log on password using your CSULB student email. Your username will be your CSULB student email. 

Once you get your log on information. You can stream from your computer, tablet or supported smart device while on the campus network.

Watch from a PC  (  Also available on the Apple Store, Google Play, Roku and Fire TV

Supported Device / FAQ - redirect to Streeme support page 


Swank log on information:

Swank motion pictures a streaming service available for residents. Access Swank on-demand streaming service.   

Keyboard Shortcuts

M - Mute/Unmute

K - Play/Pause

F - Toggle Fullscreen

ESC - Close Settings

? (Shift + /) - Open This Help Window









When Focused On Player

Space - Play/Pause

Up - Volume Up

Down- Volume Down

Left - Seek Backwards 5 Seconds

Right - Seek Forward 5 Seconds

A - Rotate Through Audio Tracks

S - Rotate Through Subtitle Tracks

0-9 - Seek to Percent (e.g. 2 = 20%)

Home - Seek To Beginning 

End - Seek To End 


Who do I contact first for technical support?

For issues with connecting your device to the internet we recommend contacting your village RA-Tech.  RA-Techs are trained in assisting with common Residential Housing issues.  RA-Tech assistance can be over email, on the phone, or in-person.   

For passwords or campus wide application issues (Blackboard, Zoom, Email, Canvas, etc.), contact the Technology Help Desk.

If you are unsure, you can always contact your village RA-Tech

How do I change my campus email account password?

I can't connect to the internet with my laptop or mobile after a few mistaken tries?

Your device or account could be locked out.  If just one device is not working, contact the THD (562-985-4959) to unlock or check your device has been blacklisted or account needs to be unlocked.

My game console chat/online gameplay does not work correctly or has a NAT error.

Some games use P2P(Peer-to-Peer) for voice chat. In compliance of the campus network standard, P2P protocols are blocked. Housing & Residential Life does not have the ability and authority to open ports or change any NAT configurations.

My desktop cannot see the Wi-Fi or weak signal.

Check the following:

  • Have the latest windows or mac build.   For example Windows 11 has multiple revisions.  As of 8-25-2022 the current version is Version 21H2.
  • Get the latest windows or mac update.  For windows,  Go to Windows Update and check for updates.   Also go to advance=>optional updates to get the latest drivers.
  • Get the latest manufacturer's drivers and firmware for the pc and/or add on Wi-Fi card drivers from the manufacturer website.
  • Metal and brick wall will lower Wi-Fi signal strength.  If possible try to face the Wi-Fi adapter or antenna towards the Access Point.   A Wi-Fi antenna that is stronger and has an extension will preform and has much better signal than much better than an antenna behind a desktop.