Frequently Asked Questions About Housing Policies

Area Coordinators (AC), Residential Coordinators (RC) and Resident Assistants(RA) oversee each living environment. These are Housing professionals, who are responsible for the overall operation of their Residence hall, as well as being a resource and advisor to all residents. There are also para-professionals (Faculty in Residence) who coordinate activities, advise about University resources, and assist residents in their transition to college life.

The Housing License has to include a room and meal plan. As there are no cooking facilities in the Residence Halls.

In accordance with the University policy, and to assure a safer and healthier environment for everyone, CSULB is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is not permitted in any Residence Hall or on University grounds. This includes vaping and e-cigs.

For Residents and/or guest under 21 years of age, possession, consumption, transportation, and/or collection of alcohol is prohibited in and around the Residence Halls.

Residents and/or guest 21 years of age or older may consume alcohol in the privacy of their own room with their door closed. Resident(s) with a roommate, present or not present, under 21 years of age may not possess, consume, serve, sell, or store alcoholic beverages in their room. The incident will be documented and both residents will go through a conduct process.

Students do not need to move out of the halls for Fall or Spring Break. Students who wish to stay for Winter Break will need to sign up and pay to stay. Residents who do not sign a supplementary License for Winter Break and pay the break fee will need to leave the Halls the evening before the break period starts. Personal items and belongings can stay in the room, but the University does not take responsibility of personal items should something happen to them. Students will be reminded to secure their belongings and rooms before an extended break.

Invited guests are permitted to visit residents in their rooms at times mutually acceptable to all roommates. Guest may even stay overnight with the approval of the roommate(s); however, guest are limited to only two nights. For more information on the guest policy see the Resident Handbook - PDF.