Laura Henriques


Courses Taught at CSULB

  • SCED 401: A Process Approach to Science
  • SCED 475: Teaching Science K-8
  • EDSS 300C: Introduction to Teaching Science
  • EDSS 473C: Secondary Science Student Teaching Seminar
  • SCED 502: Applications of Teaching Physical Science K-8
  • SCED 560: Science Education Research Methods
  • PHYS 491A, B, C, D: Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Physics (Force & Motion, Energy & Momentum, Waves & Optics, Electricity & Magnetism)
  • PHSC 112: Introduction to Physical Science
  • SCED 697/698: Independent Study/Thesis Research
  • PHYS 697/698: Independent Study/Thesis Research

Current Projects

Recent Publications

Note: bolded names are students.

  • Karlberg, C.M., Henriques, L. & Colburn, A. (2021). Drawing to Learn to draw out Student understanding. Science Scope 44(6), 32-37.
  • Hagan, W.L., Whitcraft, C. & Henriques, L. (2020). Project G.R.O.W. A Scientists-Science Teacher Partnership that Supports Meaningful Learning. The Science Teacher 87(9) 54-60.
  • Boughey, S.A. & Henriques, L. (2020). Model, Assess, Repeat! A rubric for assessing student understanding of models in grades 3-5. Science & Children 57 (7) 34-39.
  • Urizar, G.G., Jr., Henriques, L., Chun, C.-A., Buonora, P., Vu, K.-P.L., Galvez, G., & Kingsford, L. (2017). Advancing research opportunities and promoting pathways in graduate education: a systemic approach to BUILD training at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). In S. Hurtado (Ed.), The Diversity Program Consortium: Innovating educational practice and evaluation along the biomedical research pathways. BMC Proceedings, 11 (Suppl 12):26.
  • Haviland, D., Ortiz, A.M., & Henriques, L. (2017). Shaping your career: A guide for early career faculty. Stylus Publishing, LLC.
  • Pan, H. & Henriques, L. (2015). Students’ alternate conceptions of acids and bases. School Science and Mathematics 115 (5) 237-243.