Zoltan Papp

Ph.D. (Dr.univ.), University of Debrecen, Hungary, 1986
Diploma, University of Debrecen, Hungary, 1981

Research Interests

  • Few-Body Quantum Mechanics

The Few-Body Quantum Mechanics is a kind of research philosophy. We consider quantum mechanical systems with only a few relevant degrees of freedom. But then, we try to solve the underlying equations without any further approximations. This approach is very successful in a broad area of physics, including atomic, nuclear and particle physics.

My research focuses on three-body systems with non-free asymptotics, like the Coulomb or confinement asymptotics. The Coulomb potential is relevant in atomic and nuclear physics, the confinement potential in particle physics. In particular, I have developed a solution methodology for the fundamental integral equations of three-body systems with these kinds of non-free asymptotics. The work is a combination of analytic and numerical techniques.