Jiyeong Gu

Graduate Advisor, and Professor - Condensed Matter Experiment

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea, 1998
M.S., Seoul National University, Korea, 1995
B.S., Seoul National University, Korea, 1993

Research Interests

  • Condensed Matter Experiment
  • Thin Films
  • Nanomagnetism
  • Superconductivity

Nanostructured materials are of intense interest because they can have unique electrical, chemical, structural, and magnetic properties which are not otherwise observed in nature. Many basic and applied research challenges benefit from the use of magnetic materials in contact with other materials on the nanoscale. For example, proximity effect between disparate materials such as ferromagnet (F)/superconductor (S), ferromagnet/antiferro-magnet, hard/soft ferromagnets, ferromagnet/insulator, ferromagnet/semiconductor systems, etc. offers extraordinary opportunities to create new composite system with new properties and functionalities. Recent technological advances made it possible to create hybrid nanostructures with high quality interfaces.

My research investigates experimentally fundamental quantum electronic and magnetic phenomena occurring in F-based hybrid systems with other materials, such as S/F hybrid system. We produce novel systems artificially in nano-structured composite materials, such as S/F/S or F/S/F trilayers, S/F multilayers, and S-films with embedded magnetic nanoclusters. Samples are fabricated as thin films using sputtering method. Even though many interesting phenomena and possible applications have been proposed for F/S system very few experimental works have been reported. Innovative approach by designing new type of materials or structures not only provides the opportunity for realization of theoretical predictions but also creates whole new phenomena possible in F/S hybrid system.