Hitoshi Nishino


Ph.D., University of Tokyo, Japan, 1981
M.Sc., University of Tokyo, Japan, 1978
Undergraduate, University of Tokyo, Japan, 1976

Research Interests

  • High Energy Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Field Theory

High Energy Physics is concerned with the study of elementary particles at very high energy, such as 1 GeV = Giga electron volts = 10^9 eV or higher, up to the Planck mass around 10^19 GeV. The challenge is how to describe all the elementary particle interactions including gravity in a mathematically unified way. The main part of high energy physics is based on field theory. The main unresolved issues in high energy physics are: 1) How to unify all the particle interactions including gravity in a unified manner; 2) How to overcom the problem with divergences, in particular, non-renormalizability of gravitational interactions. Recently, people realized that superstring is the most promising candidate as consistent and finite theory circumventing the problems above. Nowadays, string theory has been further generalized to supermembrane theory.

My research interest is about the unification of all the interactions. This includes supersymmetry, supergravity, superstring theory and supermembrane theory. These theories cover diverse space-time dimensions from zero to eleven dimensions. Not only does this research address fundamental issues of particle physics, it also contributes to the development of new mathematics and mathematical physics as well.