Alumnus Aaron Schwartz Offered Position at Cypress

Published November 24, 2020

Aaron Schwartz has been appointed as new tenure-track faculty at Cypress Community College starting in the Fall 2021.

Aaron graduated with a master's degree in physics in the summer 2020. His thesis in the group of Dr. Laura Henriques, a physicist and professor in Science Education Department, focused on the teaching of lower division laboratories and is titled "A mixed methods approach to understand student viewpoints regarding introductory Calculus-based physics experiments when conducting traditional and inquiry-based laboratories."

In the Fall 2020 he taught at Cypress Community College as an adjunct faculty and applied for a tenure-track faculty position at the same college. His hiring is a testimony to the value of his thesis work, the value of the master's degree and the positive impression Aaron's teaching left this semester on his colleagues.

Aaron follows the steps of several other CSULB Physics and Astronomy alumni who joined the faculty at various community colleges near in the Los Angeles Basin and across the country. Congratulations to you, Aaron, on this achievement and best wishes of success for your career!