University Values and Strategic Priorities


CSULB enriches the lives of its students and its surrounding community through globally informed, high impact educational experiences with superior teaching, research, creative activity, and action for the public good.


California State University, Long Beach will be a force for good at the forefront of public education in California and the world.


Teaching and Learning are at the center of who we are and all we do.
Compassion, Creativity, and Innovation characterize our culture.
Diversity is our strength.
The Public Good is our responsibility.

Strategic Priorities

1. Engage All Students

Prepare students for their journeys to success in a fast-changing world with a rapidly shifting economy and labor market.

  • Offer curricula and co-curricular activities that encompass life skills, analytical thinking, and technical proficiencies that prepare students to become engaged citizens and professional leaders
  • Prepare students to think critically and problem-solve creatively through responsive, flexible, disciplinary, and interdisciplinary curricula. 
  • Leverage faculty, staff and student expertise, together with industry partnerships, in developing affordable, high-impact educational experiences that are responsive to students’ strengths, needs and aspirations.
  • Engage students in robust professional internships, international education, service learning, faculty-mentored research, and hands-on learning experiences in and out of the classroom. 
  • Create incentives to build academic, research, and student life programs that expand knowledge and prepare our students for the workplaces of today and tomorrow.

2. Expand Access

Commit to students’ socioeconomic mobility by removing barriers to higher education.

  • Expand opportunities for learning and research experiences and career support for traditional and non-traditional student audiences.
  • Adapt all teaching and learning resources to address the unique needs and strengths of our students so as to ensure their personal and professional success. 
  • Diversify our portfolio of curricular offerings to address the needs and strengths of our extended community of non-traditional learners while being cognizant of the innovation/work force needs of our region.
  • Use a rich array of teaching approaches and technology-enhanced solutions, and explore new scheduling patterns and locations to grow our student body.

3. Promote Intellectual Achievement

Rigor, relevance, and data-informed decision making are hallmarks of our campus community and enrich our development of knowledge and skills for California and beyond.

  • Be a living laboratory of values-based collaborative and interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and creative activities establishing our leadership in a knowledge-based economy and society.
  • Use sponsored research, creative activities, and industry and business partnerships as a means to create knowledge and amplify student learning.
  • Lead research, innovation, and problem-solving in response to the grand challenges threatening the pillars of our society such as racism, water and air quality, climate change, displaced populations, poverty and homelessness, violence, and civil unrest.
  • Build knowledge in and across a variety of disciplines to advance the university’s regional and global engagement and its role in the broader economic, civic, workforce, and cultural priorities of our region.

4. Build Community

Support a compassionate community that is characterized by a strong sense of belonging, shared governance, and shared responsibility.

  • Be a model of a diverse, equitable, and respectful community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and administrators.
  • Foster a community of belonging where everyone’s voice and well-being are valued.
  • Create an intentional environment where all members of the campus community experience the joy of intellectual pursuits, purposeful work, and meaningful opportunities for self and professional development.
  • Open the university campus to collaborative partnerships, especially with the City of Long Beach, that create new cultural, intellectual, and economic value for the region and beyond.

5. Cultivate Resilience

Implement innovative, entrepreneurial, and forward-looking actions to strengthen the institution and support the aspirations of community members.

  • Prioritize our campus community’s health and well-being.
  • Build infrastructure and adopt practices to promote sustainability and withstand climate uncertainty.
  • Increase financial capacity through mechanisms such as legislative advocacy, philanthropy and community and industry partnerships to withstand economic volatility and further contribute to the economic development of the City of Long Beach and our region.
  • Be nimble and proactive in an ever-changing technological landscape to support transformations in access, engagement, resilience, teaching, learning and research.