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After You Apply - Graduate Students

Your financial aid application information will be sent to the CSULB Financial Aid Office electronically within 5 – 7 business days of when you complete it. Your application will be processed by CSULB if:

  • You listed CSULB school code 001139 on your application for financial aid.
  • For FAFSA Applicants, you provided your correct Social Security Number to CSULB and on your FAFSA.
  • For DREAM Applicants, the name (last, first and middle) and date of birth on record with CSULB matches the name and date of birth on your Dream Act application.


Email Notifications

Check the settings on your email to be sure messages from the following CSULB and Financial Aid addresses are not blocked:

Review Your Student Aid Report (SAR)

You will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) after your application has been processed. The SAR is a summary of the information you entered on your financial aid application (FAFSA or Dream Act Application). You should review this document for accuracy and follow any instructions provided. Be sure to print a copy for your records.

FAFSA Applicants: Details for accessing, as well as when to expect, your SAR are located on the Federal Student Aid website.

Dream Act Applicants: Details for accessing your SAR are located on CSAC’s website

Corrections to Your SAR

If, after reviewing your SAR, you find an error in the information you submitted, you may do so by accessing your application online. Keep in mind, if you are classified as a “Dependent” student (parent information is required), both you AND your parent(s) will need to electronically sign the correction.

Requests for Additional Documents

Additional documents may be required before your eligibility for aid can be determined, and an official award offer issued. This process is referred to as verification, and is done to confirm the information you submitted on your financial aid application, as well as your eligibility for financial aid.  This can be a very easy process – as long as you submit the requested documents & forms – as soon as they are requested.

If selected for verification, you will be required to submit additional documentation. We will send you an email, as well as update your "To Do" list on your MyCSULB account with the requirements. 

Notifications of required documents are sent beginning in early April; Some examples of information we may need to verify include:

  • Income Information (even if your income was $0)
  • Household information (even if your household consist of just you)
  • Selective Service Compliance (for males)
  • Citizenship Status (for FAFSA Filers)

After you submit documents for review, your account may display conflicting information. If this occurs, we will reach out to you to resolve the conflicting information by requesting additional documentation.

To avoid delays be sure to check your MyCSULB To-Do List, and your email, every week.

Financial Aid Notification

You will receive a financial aid award offer after your file has been completed and reviewed and your eligibility for aid has been finalized. The offer states the types and amounts of aid for which you qualify, and the semester for which the aid can be used.

We begin releasing Award Notification emails according to the timeframe listed below:

  • Newly Admitted Students: 
    • Admitted for Fall Semester:  2nd Week of April
    • Admitted for Spring Semester:  2nd Week of October
  • Current CSULB Students:
    • 3rd Week of June (after your Satisfactory Academic Progress has been reviewed).

For current CSULB students, our award process does not begin until June; however, we will post a Temporary Fee Deferment for the Fall semester to those students who meet eligibility requirements.

The Temporary Fee Deferment lets you register as scheduled, and protects your classes from being dropped until our awarding process can begin in June.  Review our Fee Deferment webpage for more information.

Remember - we may request additional information from you before we can finalize your offer. Be sure to check your email and MyCSULB!

Changes in Income or Circumstances

We understand that there may be circumstances that affect your ability to pay for college, which may not be apparent, based on the information collected on your application for aid. Perhaps your income has changed, or a large unforeseen medical expense has impacted your finances since the application was filed.

Our financial aid counselors can help admitted & current CSULB students with an appeal process that will allow us to evaluate the impact of your special circumstances on your ability to pay for college.

DEADLINE: Three weeks before the end of the academic year. Some funding may be limited so try to submit your appeal as early as possible.

EVALUATION PROCESS: Appeals are typically reviewed in 10-15 business days. During busy processing times (such as the summer), it may take longer for your appeal to be evaluated. Once the review is completed, if your appeal is approved you will receive a revised notification of eligibility on MyCSULB reflecting the changes made to the award. If your appeal is denied, you will receive an email to notify you of the reason(s) for the denial.

Below are some of the most common reasons for an appeal:

  • Significant Change in Income or Resources
  • Death of a Spouse
  • Dependent Care Expenses

Please note:  The majority of Income Revision Appeals for graduate students do not result in a change in types of aid offered.  This is because there are only a few types of aid based on income for graduate students (State University Grant, Federal Work Study, Program Specific Grants).