Understanding State University Grant Eligibility

Effective with the Fall 2013 semester, the California State University has established eligibility limitations on a student’s ability to receive a State University Grant. These limitations are designed to ensure that students receiving state funding develop and maintain a timely path toward the completion of program/degree requirements.

Note: SUG Eligibility is determined annually based upon a student’s Expected Family Contribution, completion of the FAFSA or DREAM application by the March 2nd priority deadline, submission of all requested documents, and is subject to availability of funds.

SUG eligible students will be subject to limitations which cover several areas, as outlined below.

Students must be enrolled at least half-time in order to receive a SUG payment for any semester. Final enrollment for a semester is measured at University Census, (the last day of the add period, which typically occurs on the fourth Friday of the semester).

  • ​Undergraduate students: enrollment in 6 or more units is required.
  • Credential Students: enrollment in 6 or more units is required. 
  • Master’s Degree Students: enrollment in 4 or more units is required.
  • Doctoral Degree Students:  enrollment in 3 or more units is required.

Enrollment at a level below the specified units will result in cancellation of your University Grant for the semester.

Students pursuing their initial Undergraduate degree are eligible to receive a SUG award for a maximum of:

  • First-time, first-year (freshmen) admits: 150 - Total Earned units*
  • Transfer students with less than 75 transfer units: 150 Total Earned units (CSULB + Transfer)*
  • Transfer students with 75 or more transfer units: 75 earned CSULB Units

* The following types of units are not considered against the Undergraduate Student Earned Unit Maximum:

  •  Pre-Baccalaureate or Remedial Coursework that does not carry baccalaureate credit
  •  Test Credit (AP, IB, etc.) and Military Credit

Be aware: SUG Unit Maximum is based upon earned units while the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for the Receipt of Financial Aid is based upon attempted units.

Students pursuing their initial Credential are eligible to receive a SUG award for a maximum of 30 total earned units while enrolled as a Post-Baccalaureate Credential student. This maximum includes all earned units from a prior credential program and any applicable transfer units.

The maximum does not include any units completed in a non-credential post-baccalaureate degree program (Master’s; Doctorate).

The following Credential Programs have an expanded Earned Unit Maximum, based upon the required units for program completion.

  • Single-subject Credential student: 42 total earned units
  • Multiple-Subject Credential students: 36 total earned units
  • Level I: Educational Specialist students: 33 total earned units

Note: Students pursuing a credential that have previously completed a credential program at CSULB or any other university are not eligible to receive a SUG.

Students pursuing their initial Master’s or initial Doctorate degree have an earned unit maximum of 125% of the published unit requirement for their degree. To calculate 125% of your degree units, multiply the total units required for your degree by 1.25.

Degree Calculation Chart
Degree Units Required SUG Earned Unit Limitation (125% of Required Units)
30 Units Required 38 Units
36 Units Required 45 Units
45 Units Required 56 Units

This maximum includes all earned units from the term of admission to a graduate degree program and any applicable transfer units. The maximum does not include units earned while classified as a Credential or Second-baccalaureate student.

Note: Students pursuing a second Master’s or second Doctorate degree are not eligible to receive a SUG award.

The CSU provides SUG funding only for the completion of a student’s initial degree/credential at any educational level (initial Bachelor’s; initial Credential; initial Master’s; initial Doctorate). Students pursuing a second Bachelors, second Credential, second Masters, or second Doctoral degree are not eligible to receive a SUG award.

Note: This limitation applies to the completion of a previous degree received at CSU Long Beach or any other college/ university.

Additionally, students enrolled in a stand-alone Certificate Program are not eligible to receive SUG funding.