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Heather Barker

Professor Heather Barker is the Director of ROAM.STUDIO, an interactive design research space developing solutions across a range of scales – from urban to haptic. Engaging in a human-centered approach to design, the studio develops novel solutions integrating the psychology of experience and the performative factors of interface and space. In Heather Barker’s scholarly work, a synthesis of philosophy of mind with philosophy of science reveals synergistic conditions in our hybrid virtual-physical condition. This work develops synthesized design methodologies applicable to personal interface, space and sustainable architectural and urban conditions while supporting pedagogy built upon a rigorous theoretical premise combined with the intelligence of making. Heather Barker practices and teaches in both Los Angeles and in Munich, Germany.


Current Committees

  • UX/XD (User Experience Design) Committee Chair
  • History/Theory Curriculum Sub-Committee Chair
  • Academic Senate International Education Committee Member
  • Campus Sustainability Living Lab Working Group

A compilation of Professor Barker's work

Two black and white interior designs

white sculpture A close up of a staircase

A compilation of three interiors designs

Five interior decorations such as a vase or statue

Five interior decorations such as a doorknob or cactus