Heather Barker

Heather Renée Barker, Professor of Design at California State University Long Beach is a human urbanist. She works with interdisciplinary teams to facilitate human-centered approaches to improving the human/data hybrid experience.  By leveraging a range of analog and digital tools, gamification, and data-visualization, Heather brings value to business and civic organizations as they develop novel solutions to personal interface, animated space, community engagement, and sustainable urban challenges. As an educator and practitioner, she is able to combine theory, rigorous research, and practice to develop advanced innovation methodologies. This work makes its way into the world through consulting, holding workshops, publishing, teaching, and advising internationally. Heather Barker is founding coordinator of the graduate Human Experience Design Interactions (MA_HXDI) program and the Immersive Design Research Lab (IDRL), author of the book, “Designing Post-Virtual Architectures: Wicked Tactics and World-Building”, and has served the city of Long Beach, California as Design Lead for the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ funded Innovation Team (i-team) and as Design Strategy Lead for the Office of Civic Innovation.


Selected Current Committees / Working Groups