Let My Love Be Heard

Dear Colleagues, 

Thank you for your words yesterday. They really touched my heart, and the hearts of our students. Martin, my thoughts remain with you and the Design department—I can only imagine how difficult this is for you.

After the service, I felt there was simply no way that I could come to choir today and rehearse Winter Festival music with the Chamber Choir. I wanted us to do something for the community—something that might be healing.

One of my friends is a composer of extraordinarily beautiful choral music. He wrote this piece “Let My Love Be Heard” two years ago, but I haven’t had the right occasion to do it at CSULB.

I passed it out today—and we talked about the service, about Nohemi, Tim (I can, sadly, relate to his pain) and her family. We talked about Paris and ISIS. We did what people in college classrooms all over the US are doing.

Then, we sang and rehearsed and recorded this. Feel free to share with the department (or with the school) it if it speaks to you. We recorded it for the community—for Design and for CSULB. It is a gift from the Bob Cole Chamber Choir to our hurting University.

I wish you, and our beloved school, healing and peace,


Dr. Jonathan Talberg, Associate Director and Director of Choral, Vocal and Opera Studies, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, CSULB and Director of Music, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles