Undergraduate Program

CSULB is one of only a handful of schools that offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology. This degree program, operated under the auspices of the Department of Biological Sciences, is designed both for students considering graduate work in marine biology, and also for those seeking employment in private industry or governmental agencies.

The campus is located just a few kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, and so its diverse marine habitats -- bays, estuaries, beaches, rocky intertidal, open water -- are easily accessible even for short fieldtrips. Students in the program get extensive experience in field work as well as in the study of marine organisms and marine biological processes in the laboratory. Other program emphases include training in data analysis and scientific writing, key skills for career advancement. Faculty in the marine biology program are active researchers in the field, with particular emphases in the areas of aquatic toxicology, developmental and larval biology, physiological, behavioral, population, and community ecology, and evolution. There are many opportunities for undergraduates to work directly with faculty to carry out and publish original, cutting-edge research in marine biology.

CSULB undergraduates in lab and in the field

Other program highlights include the annual Catalina Semester, an opportunity to spend an entire fall semester living at a field station on Santa Catalina Island, taking upper-division courses in marine biology; internship opportunities at local public aquaria and resource management agencies; a faculty-led professional development series to help students prepare for reaching their career goals; and activities sponsored by a very active marine biology student organization.

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