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Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Biological Sciences Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
Name Position Contact Details Research Interests
Dillon, Jesse Department Chair;
P: 562.985.4806
O: HSCI-104
W: Microbial Ecology Lab
microbial ecology
Allen, Bengt Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.7553
O: HSCI-126
W: Marine Ecology Lab
marine community ecology
Berlemont, Renaud Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.7093
O: MIC-202C
W: Renaud Berlemont faculty website
microbial genomics and bioinformatics
Brusslan, Judy Professor E:
P: 562.985.8133
O: MLSC-203
W: Judy Brusslan faculty website
plant molecular biology
Carter, Ashley Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.4917
O: MIC-010
W: Carter Lab
theoretical and empirical evolutionary biology
Eldon, Elizabeth Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.4205
O: MLSC-204
developmental biology
Fisher, Amanda Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.4814
O: MLSC-202
plant systematics and conservation
Fraser, Deborah Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.7597
O: MLSC-224
cell biology, immunology, inflammatory disease
Gharakhanian, Editte Professor E:
P: 562.985.4803
O: MLSC-231
W: Gharakhanian Lab
molecular cell biology
(please note that Dr. Gharakhanian is no longer accepting new graduate students)
Groom, Joseph Assistant Professor E:
P: 562.985.5535
O: MIC-303A
bacteriology and genetics
Harris, Michael Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.2622
O: HSCI-134
integrative physiology
Hernández Pacheco, Raisa Assistant Professor E:
P: 562.985.1865
O: HSCI-148
W: Quantitative Ecology Lab
population ecology
Holland, Erika Assistant Professor E:
P: 562.985.5389
O: HSCI-146
W: Tox Lab
aquatic toxicology
Johnson, Darren Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.5602
O: HSCI-132
W: Johnson Lab
evolutionary ecology of reef fishes
Klig, Lisa Professor E:
P: 562.985.2424
O: MLSC-119
molecular genetics
Lee-Fruman, Kay Professor E:
P: 562.985.5262
O: HSCI-142
signal transduction, cell biology, immunology
Livingston, Brian Professor E:
P: 562.985.2416
O: MIC-008C
development and evolution
Lowe, Chris Professor E:
P: 562.985.4918
O: HSCI-122
W: Shark Lab
icthyology, fisheries ecology
Martinez, Ari Assistant Professor E:
P: 562.985.4902
O: MSLC-232
W: Ari Martinez faculty website
W: Forest Fear Lab
behavioral and community ecology
Pace, Douglas Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.4825
O: MLSC-228
W: Ecophysiology Lab
ecological physiology
Pernet, Bruno Professor E:
P: 562.985.5378
O: HSCI-124
W: Larval Biology Lab
marine invertebrate biology
Ramirez, Peter Assistant Professor E:
P: 562.985.8645
O: MLSC-118
viral pathogenesis, molecular cell biology
Rourke, Bryan Professor E:
P: 562.985.5594
O: MLSC-225
W: Comparative Muscle Physiology Lab
Sinchak, Kevin Professor E:
P: 562.985.8649
O: HSCI-140
Stankowich, Theodore Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.4826
O: HSCI-130
W: Mammal Lab
evolutionary behavior
Taylor, Barbara Associate Dean, Professor E:
P: 562.985.5545
O: HSCI-160F
Tsai, Houng-Wei Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.5649
O: MIC-305G
physiology, neuroendocrinology
Whitcraft, Christine Professor E:
P: 562.985.4820
O: HSCI-136
W: Wetlands Ecology Lab
wetlands plant ecology
Wilson, Raymond Professor E:
P: 562.985.5767
O: MLSC-226
ichthyology, fish population genetics
Young, Kelly Professor E:
P: 562.985.4859
O: MLSC-227
reproductive physiology
Zhang, Mason Professor E:
P: 562.985.4819
O: MIC-202D
microbial pathogenesis


Biological Sciences Lecturers
Name Position Contact Details
Amaya, Max Lecturer E:
O: MIC-305H
Brothwell, Eric Lecturer E:
O: HSCI-138
Carrion, Brenda Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-125
Carter, Ariel Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-125
Chang, Steven Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-125
Darjany, Lindsay Lecturer E:
P: 562.985.4695
O: HSCI-144
Dines, James Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-139
Do, Tin Lecturer E:
O: MIC-305E
Fang, Yiwen Lecturer E:
O: MIC-204A
Finkbeiner, Susan Lecturer E:
O: MIC-008B
Gardner, Manuela Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-138
Jones, Caleb Lecturer E:
O: HSCI-150
Jones, Melissa Lecturer E:
Le, Dream Lecturer E:
O: MIC-206A
Lee, YuanYu (Kent) Lecturer E:
P: 562.985.2469
O: MIC-105A
Lee, Evan Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-128
McEachin, Shawn Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-116
Mitch, Maren Lecturer E:
O: MIC-204A
Nguyen, Stanley Lecturer E:
O: MIC-102A
Nobles, Mia Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-127
Palmier, Christine Lecturer E:
P: 562.985.7874
O: MLSC-117
Perlman, Benjamin Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-116
Piña (Parda), Kriska Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-127
Rabitoy, Hannah Lecturer E:
O: HSCI-144
Richardson, Dominique Lecturer E:
O: MICR-206A
Romero, Lisa Lecturer E:
O: MIC-206B
Sabet, Shereen Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-141
Shaheen, Osman Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-128
Sharar, Erica Lecturer E:
O: MIC-206A
Solis Avelar, Cecilia Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-127
Steiner, Bridget Lecturer E:
O: HSCI-138
Suarez, Christian Lecturer E:
O: MIC-205E
Ting, Alison Lecturer E:
Umeda, Colin Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-139
Van Grootheest, Chloe Lecturer E.
O: MLSC-141
Wurst, Tamara Lecturer E:
O: MLSC-141


Biological Sciences Staff
Name Position Contact Details
Carrillo, Jennifer Student Services Coordinator E:
P: 562.985.7928
O: HSCI-108B
DeGrazia, Denise Instructional Support Technician II E:
P: 562.985.5368
O: MLSC-131
Douglass, Thomas Information Technology Consultant E:
P: 562-985-4813
O: MLSC-118
Giffin, Michelle Instructional Support Technician E:
P: 562.985.4038
O: MLSC-100
Graham, Diane Instructional Support Technician E:
P: 562.985.4857
O: MIC-205F
Hood, Kelly Vertebrate Technician E:
P: 562.985.4883
O: HSCI-076
Macias, Raymond Instructional Support Technician E:
P: 562.985.5319
O: MLSC-108
Mendoza, Brina Administrative Assistant E:
P: 562.985.4806
O: HSCI-104
Ralph, Yvette Instructional Support Technician E:
P: 562.985.4907
O: HSCI-118A
Rodriguez, Janine Office Manager E:
P: 562.985.4807
O: HSCI-104
Thompson, Tina Fiscal Officer E:
P: 562.985.7552
O: HSCI-108A
Thorson, Brian Greenhouse Technician E:
P: 562.985.4916
O: MLSC-120

Emeriti and Former Faculty