About the Department

The Department of Biological Sciences is comprised of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to the teaching of biology and discovering new biological truths for society. Biology, as a scientific discipline, functions through the integrated use of a knowledge base (i.e. fundamentals and unifying concepts) with process (i.e., scientific method). The department endeavors to provide an academic program that supports this integration. The academic curriculum should reflect this approach through teaching of fundamental and unifying concepts integrated with the practice of analysis and discovery. In this way, students learn to think like scientists, using concept-based knowledge in biology, rather than to only focus on mastering facts that have become increasingly unwieldy as the knowledge base grows.

Essential to the success of the department is faculty-driven original research programs that provide valuable research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and that keep the department abreast of current innovations in biological sciences. An academic program infused with research provides students with the tools necessary for effective, analytical scientific thinking. Research-active faculty integrate the latest trends and discoveries of their field into the curriculum. Quality faculty research creates a positive academic reputation and associated opportunities for the department.