Graduates of CSULB's Marine Biology Program can be found as educators, researchers, and managers and protectors of marine resources around the state, the nation, and the world. Alumni of our program are particularly well-represented in marine resource management institutions (whether private or public) in California. We try to stay in touch with our alumni as much as possible, and encourage them to give back to the program by interacting with current students during campus workshops and during our annual Alumni Event, or by sponsoring an undergraduate intern at their company or agency.

Attend the Alumni Event!

This event started in 2006, and has been held each fall (usually in September or October) since then. It is an excellent opportunity for past and present generations of marine biology students to meet and exchange ideas and career advice for the future, as well as for sponsors to be visible within an influential community. Typically held at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, this event honors the career of a distinguished marine biology alumnus or retired faculty member. In addition, the event serves to bring alumni up-to-date on the growth and progress of the marine biology program at CSULB, including our plans for growing student scholarship and research grant endowments. It also gives current students the opportunity to meet and network with alumni.

Alumni and current students at Alumni events

Sponsor an Undergraduate Intern!

Internships are extremely valuable -- sometimes life-changing -- experiences for students. If you work at an private company or public agency that does marine biology-related work and might be able to sponsor an undergraduate intern (paid or unpaid), please contact Christine Whitcraft!

Make a donation to support student scholarships and research grants!

While students in the marine biology program, many alumni benefited from some of the internal scholarships and research grants that are offered only to CSULB students, thanks to the generous donations of alumni, emeritus faculty, and community members. Please consider returning the favor! See the Support Marine Biology page for more details.

Help us to stay in contact with you!

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