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Seminar Series

The Biological Sciences Department Seminar Series invites campus professional scientists to give a lecture on their current research. It is an important weekly event for our program, in which new findings and ideas are shared and discussed within an open and social setting. Department faculty members, staff, post-docs, and graduate and undergraduate students routinely attend the seminar. In addition, interested persons from the campus and greater community are very welcome to participate.

The Seminar Series is held via Zoom for the remainder of the semester. Please contact for more information.


The following seminar dates have been canceled: March 12, March 19, and April 9.

The following schedule is for Spring 2020.

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
January 30 The past, present, and future of  America's forest birds Dr. Morgan Tingley, University of Connecticut
February 6 The dual role of complement in atherosclerosis Dr. Deborah Fraser, CSU Long Beach
February 13 Causes and consequences of temporal changes in the vaginal microbial flora Dr. Jose Miguel Ponciano, University of Florida
February 20 Defining skin cancer heterogeneity and drug resistance Dr. Scott Atwood, UC Irvine
February 27      Quantification and ecosystem drivers of blue carbon in Pacific coast tidal wetlands Dr. Christopher Janousek, Oregon State University
March 5 Sensitivity and exposure to climate change across life stages of marine invertebrates Dr. Lauren Pandori, UC Irvine
April 23 Counting fish from Alaska to the Falkland Islands: using marine biology to inform stock assessments Dr. Thomas Farrugia, Monterey Bay Aquarium
April 30 The silent forests of Guam: the historical and ongoing impacts of one of the world's most invasive predators on an insular avifauna Dr. Henry Pollock, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne
May 7 Deconstructing visual signals in social butterflies Dr. Susan Finkbeiner, Pepperdine University