An internship can provide you with invaluable work experience that employers are looking for and can help with career preparedness. You can also get course credit toward your degree (starting in Fall 2020) as a major elective as a part of experiential learning courses (BIOL 494, BIOL 495, BIOL 496).

BIOL 494 - Undergraduate Internship in Biological Sciences

(1-3 units)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

Internship with community agencies, organizations, or companies in the field of biology. Students must arrange an internship prior to registering for the course. Please contact the course instructor for details prior to the semester of intended enrollment. 45 hours of internship per unit.

Letter Grade Only (A-F). May be repeated for a letter grade and degree credit up to a maximum of 3 units; units beyond the three will be taken credit/no credit. Students may only use a total of 3 units of BIOL 494, 495, or 496 combined for degree requirements. Not available to graduate students.