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Process for Resuming On-Campus Activities

For the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Updated August 17, 2021

As a one-time requirement, you must complete the COVID-19 Preventative Work Practices Training maintained by Environmental Health and Safety. All employees are required to complete this training as part of the preparations for fall. This training replaces the CNSM-specific version we have been using for over a year now. You must complete this new training even if you have previously completed the CNSM version.

Additionally, all CNSM personnel (student, staff, and faculty) who will be on campus for any reason (research- or teaching-related, or pick-up or drop-off of any items) regardless of the duration of their visit, must complete the COVID-19 Pre-Screen daily before coming to campus.

Laboratory Research

The CNSM Dean's Office and Science Safety Office will coordinate research use for each building in which our activities are conducted, keeping in mind existing use by faculty teaching online courses and others approved via the exception process. While plans may differ between buildings, all plans will address:

  • adherence to CSULB health and safety guidelines.
  • a process for reviewing and approving the research recovery applications for research groups and programs housed in our buildings.

Faculty members with independent laboratories and research programs will complete the Laboratory Research Recovery Applications (request the form from, which will show how they will adhere to safety guidelines as they reoccupy their labs. The application is updated as needed to remain congruent with occupancy limits, physical distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, as well as maintaining appropriate lab safety. Such implementation plans must accommodate the dynamic nature of lab activities and the use of common equipment within individual labs and in common-use spaces.

The CNSM Dean's Office and Safety Office review and approve plans deemed feasible within the overall building occupancy plans. When appropriate, plans are forwarded to Beach Building Services – Environmental Health and Safety for their approval.

Field Research

Field work is a critical part of research activities in our college. Faculty members with field research programs will complete the Field Research Recovery Applications (request the form from to restart a field-based research program.